RHT Namilco Thunderbolt Flour teams spearheading construction of home for less fortunate family

— several donors on board

WThe Members of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club Namilco Thunderbolt Under 21 and First Division teams, under the leadership of Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster, have undertaken their biggest ever developmental project to date – spearheading the construction of a 20-foot by 24-foot flat concrete home for an ailing elderly couple and their 14-year-old daughter in the village of Bloomfield, located in the lower Corentyne area.

The RHT Namilco Thunderbolt First Division team

Foster has explained that the teams got involved after 63-year-old Chunilall Sonaroo visited the club office to plead for assistance. After two days of verifying the circumstances impacting the request, the RHTY&SC and the teams agreed to come on board.
Sonaroo is a pensioner who lives in a house on the verge of falling down, but is kept in place by ropes. His 55-year-old wife is a type two diabetic who is unable to walk and is in deteriorating health, while his daughter has type one diabetes and suffers from pneumonia. All of this family’s savings have been exhausted on medical expenses, and the youth has to use insulin twice a day in an ongoing battle to stay alive.
With his wife unable to work due to her physical condition, the family’s only financial income is Sonaroo’s meagre pension from GuySuCo and the National Insurance Scheme, which are used mainly for medical purposes.
Using his good standing with social media, Foster has appealed to the general public on behalf of the teams, and the response has been unbelievable.
Construction of the new home is expected to start shortly, with the support of overseas- based Guyanese Raj Bharrat, the Crabwood Creek Relief Group, Florida – Guyana Hope organization, and Regal Stationery. Contractor Navin Deokissoon of Navin and Sons Construction would also play a major role in setting up the home, which is expected to be completed by the end of September.
Regal Stationery has also committed to suppling two beds, a fridge and stove for the new home, which would include two bedrooms, a living room, complete kitchen, toilet and bathroom. There are also plans for a concrete sidewalk to cater for a wheelchair. Moreover, the teams are coordinating assistance in form of grocery supplies, medical items, clothing, footwear and educational materials from numerous overseas and local donors who have responded to the club’s plea.
Foster has said the club would just oversee the proper use of the funds as the donors and the family would be spending the funds themselves.

Hilbert Foster, CEO of RHTY&SC, handing over a financial donation to Chunilall Sonaroo

He has expressed gratitude to Mr Bharrat of the Guyana-Florida Hope Group for his support, and also to Regal Stationery and the management of Navin and Sons Construction. Gratitude has also been expressed to the many overseas and local donors who have contributed cash, medical items, food hampers and clothing to the family. All funds received have been deposited into a Republic Bank account in the name of the family, and would be used for expenses in the future.
The long-serving RHTY&SC Secretary/CEO, who is also President of the Berbice Cricket Board, Vice President of the Guyana Cricket Board, and a Director of Cricket West Indies, has said the club is delighted to assist the family, as the family deserves it.
The club has undertaken thousands of projects to make a positive difference, but Foster says this was a very special one as the Sonaroo family was totally committed to improving their lives.
Persons who wish to assist the family can contact them on 663-1981.
The RHT Namilco Thunderbolt Flour under 21 and First Division teams are sponsored by the National Milling Company of Guyana, located at Agricola, East Bank Demerara. The teams are led by national players Kevlon Anderson and Eon Hooper respectively, and includes players like Clinton Pestano, Kevin Sinclair, Shawn Perriera, Jonathan Rampersaud, Slyus Tyndall, Junior Sinclair, Delbert Hicks, Jason Sinclair, Khemraj Mahadeo, Shemaine Campbelle and others.