RHTY&SC assists 2 entities in developmental drive

The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS, on Tuesday last contributed 0,000 worth of items to the Child Friendly Play School of Belvedere Squatting Area. The contribution was made under the Club’s “Dare to Dream” programme, which encourages children and youths to dream big in order to fulfill their potential in sport, culture and education.
The donation included trophies, certificate frames, children’s footwear, a ,000 ceiling fan, clocks, hand towels, toys, cleaning detergents, and baby wipes among other items. The donation was handed over to the Founder of the playschool, Kamaldai Kumarlal, by Assistant Secretary Simon Naidu.
Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster has said that the donation was approved within 48 hours of the request being received, as the RHTY&SC was highly impressed with the outstanding work Kumarlal was doing at her playschool.
The Child Friendly Play School was opened eight years ago after Kumarlal retired from the education sector. The playschool has a total of 35 students, most of whose parents are working in the ailing sugar industry. During the out-of-season period at GuySuCo, most of the students attend the school free of cost.
Foster hailed the efforts of the playschool and gave praise for the role the school is playing in moulding the minds of children. The long serving Secretary/CEO paid a surprise visit to the school, along with Vice President Mark Papannah and Asst Secretary Simon Naidu, and was clearly impressed with the high standards that obtain there. He pledged the Club’s continued assistance to the staff, and promised to assist Mrs. Kumarlal with a bicycle and exercise books.
On Wednesday last, the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, Ms, also continued its proud tradition of being the only sports club in the Caribbean to assist rival clubs to fulfill their mandates.

RHTYSC Asst Secretary Simon Naidu hands over donation to Kumarlal of the Child Friendly Playschool
Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster hands over donation to representative of Tain Block Four Cricket Club

Executives of the Tain Block Four Cricket Club visited the Club office and had their request approved within ten minutes. The club received a donation of two trophies, three cricket medals, a cricket bat, and a box of cricket balls.
The items would be used in a fundraising one-day cricket tournament. The Tain, Corentyne based team plays second division cricket and has a membership of 24. The Secretary/CEO, in handing over the donation, stated that his club was pleased to assist others, as it was more important that youths get the opportunity to play cricket across Berbice rather than the RHTYSC being selfish about remaining the best club. Over the years, the RHTY&SC has assisted more than 100 cricket clubs in Berbice, and would continue to do so in the future, Foster stated, as long as funds are available. The long-serving cricket and sport administrator blasted some cricket officials in Berbice, whom he described as power hungry and visionless. Foster stated that he and other Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS, executives have no interest in being executives of the Berbice Cricket Board, but would work hard every day to assist less fortunate cricketers and clubs. Executives of the Tain Block Four Cricket Club expressed gratitude to the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, MS, and praised the club for its outstanding work among youths.
Meanwhile the Club also donated three trophies, worth $15 000, to the Bohemia Primary School for that school’s annual graduation ceremony under its “Say Yes to Education” campaign.