RHTY&SC cricket teams continue to make a positive difference in Berbice

The ten cricket teams of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC), MS, continue to make a huge difference in the Ancient County of Berbice.
The teams: Rose Hall Town Farfan and Mendes Under 15, Poonai Pharmacy 12, Under 13, Bakewell Under 17 and Second Division, Pepsi Under 19 and Intermediate, Metro Females, NAMILCO Under 21 and First Division, over the last three weeks have assisted several cricket clubs, the Berbice Cricket Board and religious organisations as part of their community outreach programme.

Club member Surendra Kissoonlall handing over donation to Mr Outar of Glasgow South Cricket Club

The teams are mandated every year by the club’s management to make a positive difference in the lives of others as part of their personal development programme and also as brand ambassadors of the different sponsors of the club. Among the organisations that benefited were the Berbice Cricket Board, Kildonan Cricket Club, Glasgow South Cricket Club, Topoo Hindu Mandir, Rose Hall Town Council, and the St Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church.
The teams donated three special prizes to the Kildonan and Glasgow South Cricket teams for the hosting of a fundraising raffle for each club. The Glasgow South CC was only recently formed and had approached the RHTY&SC for assistance, while the Kildonan CC, under new leadership, is seeking to return to its former glory.

RHTY&SC Asst Secretary/CEO Simon Naidu handing over items to Mayor of Rose Hall Town, Dave Budhu

The Topoo Hindu Mandir had sought and received a volleyball net for the mandir youth section. The BCB received a donation of trophies to assist it to host cricket tournaments, while 80 cricket clubs received more than $300,000 worth of score books.
The St Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church received a financial donation, while the teams also obtained five special prizes worth about fifty thousand dollars for a fundraising raffle for the church’s graveyard fencing project.
In their ongoing effort to assist the Mayor and Town Council to develop Guyana smallest township, the ten teams handed over security torch lights, clocks, a cordless phone, stationery, and a financial donation to purchase some items for the council’s security office.
The Chesney Mandir received a large foamboard on request, while the Bal Nivas Home for Children received a set of softball cricket bats and balls. Members of the team also visited the home recently to teach the boys at the home how to play the game.
Three senior citizens requested financial assistance for medical care and were assisted, while the teams also provided food hampers to dozens of residents across the county who had sought their assistance. The teams and club management also installed close to 30 street lights in the township as part of their Say No to Crime project, and are currently working on a special project to distribute more than 1,000 kites to less fortunate children for Easter 2021.
Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster stated that it was very important for RHTY&SC, MS, to learn the benefits of making a positive difference and to continue the club’s tradition of reaching out to other organisations in times of need.
Captain of the Pepsi Under 19 team, Jonathan Rampersaud, has expressed pleasure at being able to assist his fellow Berbicians. The 17-year-old University of Guyana student has said that one of the benefits of being a RHTY&SC member was been able to reach out and touch the lives of others.