RHTY&SC Metro Female Cricket Team assist Upper Corentyne CA, two Clubs

The Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club, MS, Metro Female Cricket Team has handed over a set of items to the Upper Corentyne Cricket Association (UCCA) as part of its personal development programme for 2017.cricket ryshsh

The donation consisted of trophies, cricket medals, scorebooks, plaque frames, six boxes of educational materials, school bags, and 400 hand towels. The trophies, medals, school bags and scorebooks would be used to host a junior cricket match under the Club’s Say NO/Say Yes Campaign; while the frame plaques would be used to honour outstanding administrators/players in the Upper Corentyne area under a Tribute to Heroes programme. The boxes of educational materials would be donated to two primary schools in the Corriverton area, while the hand towels would be shared out to youth cricketers in the Upper Corentyne area.

UCCA President, Dennis De Andrade, on Wednesday accepted the donation on behalf of that Association from Captain of the Metro Female Cricket Team, West Indies player Shemaine Campbelle, during a simple presentation ceremony.

The West Indies batting star urged the UCCA to continue its outstanding work, and to pay special attention to junior players, as they are the future of cricket in Berbice and in Guyana. She assured the UCCA of the Metro Female Team’s continued assistance in the future, and disclosed that each player of that team is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others. Club Secretary/CEO, Hilbert Foster, has said that the Metro Female Team has been mandated to successfully complete 40 programmes/activities as part of the RHTY&SC effort to complete 500 programmes for 2017. Members of each of the eight cricket teams that comprise the RHTY&SC are required, under the personal development programme for 2017, to undertake activities that fall under numerous sub-headings, which include education, sports, charity, coaching, anti-drugs, anti-suicide, religious, youth development, and social cohesion. These activities are part of the Club’s effort to make sure that members fully understand their roles as sport ambassadors, their need to make a positive difference in the lives of others, and to assist others less fortunate than themselves.

Foster explained that the UCCA was chosen because of its outstanding work in promoting cricket in the Upper Corentyne area, and also because its leadership has comprised honest, hardworking and dedicated individuals. He singled out the President of the UCCA for specific mention of his visionary leadership and his passion for the game.

President of the UCCA, Dennis De Andrade, expressed gratitude to the RHTY&SC, MS, and its female team for the assistance. He noted that the Club has assisted his association on numerous occasions, and said the executives of his association would continue to work beyond the call of duty to improve the standard of cricket in the area.

The Hampshire and Fyrish Cricket Clubs also received stumps, scorebooks, hand towels and educational materials. The RHT Metro Team, formed in 2009, is the only female cricket team in Guyana. To date, it has produced two West Indies players, fourteen national junior players, nine senior national players, and a total of twenty-seven players for Berbice.