RHTY&SC hosts Namilco Tribute to Medical Workers 2020 Programme

…Mike Pharmacy co-sponsors as 30th anniversary celebrations continue

The Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTY&SC) on Friday last hosted its second annual Tribute to Medical Workers programme as the Club’s 30th anniversary celebrations continued.

RHTYSC Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster hands over award to Mooklall Kooblall and Evandey Halley
Vice President Mark Papannah hands over award to Nurse Claudia Ross

The event was the 500th activity organised for 2020 by Guyana’s most active youth and sports club and form part of the month-long celebration of the historic anniversary. The RHTY&SC was founded on September 20, 1990 by three-time Guyana and Commonwealth youth service awardee, the St Francis Community Developers.
The award was created by the Club after its Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster witnessed first-hand the dedication and hard work of the employees of the Port Mourant Hospital during a one-week stay in March 2019. Foster had pledged to then Doctor in Charge Devin Radhay that the Club would organise an award ceremony every year for three outstanding staff members. The first ceremony was held in May 2019 and more than 14 staffers were honoured.
Assistant Secretary/CEO Simon Naidu noted that with the COVID-19 guidelines in effect, the Club decided against hosting an indoor ceremony and as such a three-member delegation visited the Hospital to hand over the awards. Those honoured were midwife Claudia Ross, porter Mooklall Kooblall and kitchen staff Evandey Halley. Foster and RHTY&SC Vice President Mark Papannah handed over the awards and urged the awardees to uphold their high standards and to rededicate themselves to make sure that the Port Mourant Hospital maintained its reputation of good service to the general public. Foster stated that the institution has a permanent partner in the RHTY&SC and its 10cricket teams.
Each of the awardees received a trophy, framed certificate of excellence, medal of excellence and a collection of special gifts along with a 10kg bag of Namilco Flour. Doctor in Charge, Dr Sukheo expressed gratitude to the club for its continued support and wished the cricket teams continued success on and off the cricket field. The award programme was sponsored by the National Milling Company Ltd of Agricola, Greater Georgetown with support from Mike Singh of Mike Pharmacy.
Meanwhile, the cricket teams have announced that their next combined project would be the publication of thousands of COVID-19 educational posters that would be distributed free of cost across the county of Berbice, The 11-inch by 17-inch posters will be published at the F and H Printery in Georgetown and will feature national youth cricketers Jonathan Rampersaud, Mahendra Gopilall and Jeremy Sandia. The posters will be displayed in all public institutions and distributed to schools, churches, sports clubs among others.
Naidu, who heads the RHTY&SC COVID-19 response committee, stated that the poster, would seek to educate the general public on the dangers of the deadly disease and ways to stop its spread. The 10 cricket teams of the RHTY&SC are Poonai Pharmacy Under-12 and Under-13, Farfan and Mendes Under-15,Bakewell Under-17 and Second Division, Pepsi Under-19 and Intermediate, Metro Females, Namilco Under-21 and First Division teams.