RHTY&SC NAMILCO Thunderbolt Flour team co-sponsors Rose Hall Town 51st Anniversary celebration

With the 2021 cricket season being placed on suspension by the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) due to instruction from the National COVID-19 Task Force, members of the Rose Hall Town NAMILCO Thunderbolt Flour Under 21 and First Division teams are expanding their personal development and community outreach programmes.
Sponsored by the National Milling Company of Guyana (NAMILCO) of Agricola, East Bank Demerara, the teams have some of the best cricketers in the country. As part of their highly successful outreach programme, the teams joined hands with the Mayor and Town Council of Rose Hall Town from the 19th to 24th of August to celebrate the 51st Anniversary of Guyana’s smallest township’s existence.

Town Clerk Natasha Griffith and RHTY&SC Secretary Hilbert Foster handing over cycles to youths

Rose Hall attained the status of township on 20th September, 1970.
On that same date in 1990, the RHTY&SC was founded by the St Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Youth Club, and has since developed into Guyana’s leading youth and sports club with an unmatched list of activities and achievements.
The week-long celebrations began with a 20/20 cricket match on the 19th of August. RHT Thunderbolt Flour defeated their counterparts from Rose Hall Canje by eight wickets to win the 51st Anniversary Trophy, while on the 21st, they co-sponsored the donation of four cycles to deserving youths in the township. There was an Art Competition with primary school students and the donation of educational materials to students.

Awardees of the Tribute to Postal Workers awards posing with Town Clerk Natasha Griffith

Five outstanding workers from the Rose Hall Town Post Office were honoured on Thursday under the club’s first ever Tribute to Postal Workers Programme, while six senior citizens received food hampers on Friday.
The teams, along with other RHTY&SC members, on Saturday will complete their role in the anniversary by undertaking their second Clean up the Beach project. Club Secretary/CEO Hilbert Foster, Rose Hall Town Mayor Dave Budhu and Town Clerk Natasha Griffith are expected to lead the cleanup of the popular beach.
The highlight of the celebrations was the hosting of a special presentation ceremony in which five outstanding former leaders of the town received the Vic Persaud Award of Excellence.
The awardees were Alex Foster, Winston Hope, Bhadenauth Somrah, Vijai Ramoo and Chattergoon Ramnauth.
Minister of Local Government, Anand Persaud, and Mrs Carol Persaud handed over the awards and also unveiled a street sign for Persaud Street in memory of the late Vic Persaud, former Chief Protocol Officer of the Office of the President. Persaud had been a resident of the town, and is the first of only three residents to receive a national award. The award and the street naming ceremonies were both sponsored by the teams in memory of Persaud, who had been very close to the club.
Over the years, the RHTY&SC had fully sponsored the Rose Hall Town week on at least five occasions, and had also sponsored the 175th Anniversary of the Rose Hall Village in 2017. Among the projects and activities undertaken over the years are health clinics, youth and job fairs, children playfield, tribute to Heroes, children’s parade, day of sports, public exhibitions, curry duck competition, video documentary, evening of music, fitness walk, monuments, construction of scoreboard, and a forty-page booklet on the history of the township.
Members of the RHT NAMILCO teams include Kevin Sinclair, Kevlon Anderson, Clinton Pestano, Jonathan Rampersaud, Eon Hooper, Junior Sinclair, Shawn Perreira, Keith Simpson, Shemaine Campbelle, Khemraj Mahadeo, Delbert Hicks, Slyus Tyndall and Mahendra Gopilall.