Rigging is dead and buried

Dear Editor,
It has been more than 67 days since our election but the new leader has not been installed as yet, reason being the loser refuses to accept defeat. It is a very strange situation, in that the losers, while refusing to accept defeat, are also laying claims to victory.
Well, the story cannot get more bizarre because how can you have lost an election and be a winner at the same time, it is either one or the other. But such is the story of a political party called the PNC/APNU, which has had a history of such devious activities.
Rigging or the conduct of fraudulent elections has been a preoccupation of that party from the time we enjoyed self-rule. Elections in our country have had a sordid history whenever and wherever this party is mentioned and elections 2020 is scarred by that legacy.
It is a malignant tumour that just wouldn’t go away. It is a complex situation that involves the falsification of figures followed by numerous legal procedures to defend it and the list goes on. Right now, they are trying to nullify an election that they claim brought them to victory by making all types of frivolous and vexatious objections. So, here we are in 2020 having to fight this monstrosity called rigging while safeguarding our hard-fought-for democracy.
Now the events surrounding this election point to two fundamental facts and these are:
1. Guyana must go the route of electronic voting. The Opposition Leader has made it clear in one of his campaign speeches that electronic voting is the way to go. It is a quick clean system that reduces the dependence on corrupt human hands. Fraud by way of the falsification of results is diminished, if not eliminated altogether.
2. At the conclusion of this exercise, those who are responsible for this massive fraud must be exposed as well as atone for their actions. An entire nation was held ransom by the brazen and barefaced actions of a select group of persons, this is unacceptable behaviour that cannot be condoned. In this regard, a total overhaul has to be done of the workings of the Commission and the culprits must face the full weight of the law. Our country can ill afford this sort of thing and must seek to rid ourselves of this malady once and for all.
There is no denying that these things never happened because the facts are there to prove it. The fraudulent declarations of Mr Clairmont Mingo are undisputed evidence of this. So, Justice Claudette Singh, I urge you to keep those spreadsheets intact, they are valuable pieces of evidence for a court of law when the time comes.
A clear message has to be sent to all fraudsters and would-be fraudsters that no more would Guyana countenance rigging.

Neil Adams