We remain hopeful that the recount will produce the rightful winner

Dear Editor,
The recount of the elections has started. The media have been shut out of the premises to camp on the roadside. What a disgrace. The Commission and its PR Officer should hang their heads in perpetual shame.
Full live video streaming of the process has been denied by the ruling of the Chairman, Claudette Singh. The flimsy excuse of concealing the faces of GECOM personnel is specious. If any one of them attempts to sabotage the process it should be exposed. If they all perform professionally, they should have nothing to fear from the world witnessing their good work.
The daily audio coverage of the recount by NCN is a joke. It’s selective. It only covers one station at a time and, so far, on each occasion that a problem has arisen at a station, NCN has switched the coverage.
The Carter Center has been denied entry. David Granger should hang his head in shame as his Government has done this. The Caricom presence has been reduced to three persons to cover dozens of stations. All of this concealment from the public eye is the deliberate work of the combined vote of Chairman, Claudette Singh, and the APNU/AFC Commissioners. So much for a commitment to transparency.
Of course, the recount forced upon the nation by the calculated action of Chairman Singh and the APNU/AFC Commissioners in support of the fraudulent behaviour of Clairmont Mingo and Keith Lowenfield, should never have happened.
When Lowenfield embraced the fraudulent counting of Mingo in contempt of the order of the court, and submitted a fraudulent result of the elections to Chairman Singh, instead of putting it before the Commission and properly using her vote to reject it and returning to the completion of the District Four tabulation, she put the Lowenfield report in abeyance, keeping it alive while forcing a recount.
Already, after two days, we have heard and seen disruptive behaviour on the part of APNU/AFC party agents, particularly by Carol Joseph, who, earlier, hurled insults in every direction when I was present as an observer at the tabulation, and false allegations by AFC Executives of secret meetings which never took place.
The recount, even without these calculated attempts to derail it, is painfully slow and, at this rate, would last many weeks longer than 25 days.
We can only be eternally grateful to the international and local observers who, at present, risk their lives by exposing themselves to possible infection of the COVID-19 virus to keep the recount honest, but, for how long?
We can but now remain hopeful that the recount will produce the rightful winner of the elections and that David Granger will keep his promise and impose it on those in his party who would deny it, to accept the findings of a credible recount.

Yours sincerely,
Kit Nascimento