My response to Hamilton Green

Dear Editor,
I wish to respond to a letter by Hamilton Green in the Kaieteur News on May 8th where he talks about the March 2nd Elections being the “worst rigged in our history” and that the “PPP hierarchy is not interested in the whole story” of this year’s elections.
When Hamilton Green says that there is no interest in the “whole story” of the March 2 elections, what is he talking about? Everything, up to March 12 played out on live TV for all of the world to see and up until March 2020, the respected members of the international Election Observer Missions were in Guyana. If he wants to rehash talk about a bloated list when this argument has been exposed for what it was again and again for almost a year during the House-To-House Registration debacle, he must consider that such talk belongs in an elections petition, not during a recount of ballots that were cast by Guyanese.
When Hamilton Green talks about the “worst rigged in our history”, surely, he is aware that the riggers are those in the APNU/AFC coalition. The entire world knows this by now.
How many times must these things be pushed in the faces of Guyanese, especially when the trust is so easy to discern? When will the likes of Hamilton Green and others understand that enough is enough?
Hamilton Green, instead, like the other ‘riggers’ in the APNU/AFC coalition, continues to peddle misinformation and create confusion in the recount process that is underway; even when GECOM itself shut down the claims about a ‘secret meeting’, which is one of the things Hamilton Green pontificated about in his letter.
The endgame seems to create an air of mistrust about the recount so that when it is concluded and exposes, with finality, that the APNU/AFC lost the March 2 elections then there could be some sort of recourse. With Guyana’s history with elections and losses by the PNC, no Guyanese, in 2020, wants to think too hard about what their recourse might be. What is clear, though, is that no right-thinking Guyanese wants to go down that road.
This entire debacle has been manufactured by the APNU/AFC coalition because of its unwillingness to accept an electoral defeat; something it was fully aware of by Wednesday morning, March 4 at the latest. It is this electoral loss that fuelled the machinations that have since unfolded; from fake declarations to talk about dead people and people who migrated voting at the March 2 elections.
In light of all of this, Hamilton Green should be the last to manufactures ghosts of things that are “improper”. He should join thousands of Guyanese who just want the recount process to be over, in a credible manner, so we can all move on. There are bigger and more important fights ahead with COVID-19, the fact that so many people are out of jobs and the fact that the economy is in bad shape.

Alvin Hamilton