Tacuma Ogunseye was fight against rigging, now supporting the riggers

Dear Editor,
Mr Tacuma Ogunseye is one of our national treasures who resisted the PNC dictatorship regime pre-1992 when a fair election was never held and rigging was the norm. At a time when we needed decent black people to speak out against the atrocities of Burnham whose regime killed Ogunseye’s hero, the much-loved Dr Walter Rodney, Ogunseye got “bad beat” from the PNC thugs for speaking out against the rape of democracy by the PNC. Now Ogunseye is with the PNC riggers, and to sing for his supper, instead of leaving the dirty work to the hardcore PNC people, he has taken on the job of cussing out Mr Nigel Hinds, who seems to be a very decent man who has done some well-written articles on our current political disaster resulting from the intransigence of the PNC refusing to concede they lost the 2020 elections.
At a time of GECOM/PNC versus the rest of the world, Ogunseye must be the only one who thinks Chair Singh is doing a great job and is to be admired. I don’t think Ms Singh herself would admit she is doing a great job. Mr Nigel Hinds has called on the Chair to do the right thing and ensure there is a speedy end to our long national nightmare. He represents the views of all Guyana, the local and international observers, and the diplomatic corps. Has Ogunseye been living under a rock?
The Chair would go down in history as the worst Chair ever, the most “do-nothing,” always siding with Alexander and the PNC’s playbook, and so more than two months later, under her leadership, the nation goes through great trauma caused by the GECOM/PNC axis of evil, while a devastating pandemic sweeps the world. While it may not be warranted, on the blogs the Chair is referred to derisively as “Fraudette,” and some feel she is aiding and abetting those within GECOM acting as “coup leaders” on behalf of the PNC.
Our current political impasse is directly because the Chair fails to take action to ensure credible elections. This madness could have been averted if the Chair had removed Mingo and finished off the Region Four count. President-elect Dr Irfaan Ali would have been sworn in already.
When she has the determining vote to make sure the recount is transparent, credible, and speedy, the Chair sides with the Alexander/PNC agenda, and GECOM has done everything to avoid a quick, transparent, fair process. So, there is no live stream of this matter of utmost national importance, no representation for the non-State media, the media is treated with the scantiest respect, and we are subjected to a meaningless audio feed that makes no sense whatsoever. Unless we are told which polling place is being counted, the audio feed is useless. It is not too late to add News Room, a most trusted media, to do live coverage. Our Parliament sessions are live-streamed. The Chair has the power to authorise live streaming since the audio now is totally useless. The Chair also has the power to ask Granger to allow Carter Center observers to come in.
To speed up the counting process so it does not go beyond 25 days, the Chair can remove the “audit” type activities, as well as add more counting stations. The Chair can go beyond what was gazetted as long as it makes the process better.
So Ogunseye, we understand you are now an old man, you have to live, you are getting good “coalition soup,” and like others such as Hinds, Thomas, Lewis, Trotman, Rupnaraine, etc, you have to hang your mouth where the soup is leaking. But know that everyone else agrees with Mr Nigel Hinds and his call for the Chair to do the right thing.

Jerry Singh