Round of 16, quarter-finals set in ExxonMobil U14 tournaments

There were big wins for Waramuri Top and Marian Academy girls while the Bartica and Dora Secondary boys dominated on Sunday to book spots in the ExxonMobil Girls’ and Boys’ quarterfinals and Round of 16 respectively.
It was in fact a packed weekend in the Petra-organised tournament, which saw group stage action on Saturday and Sunday. When the dust settled at the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) Ground, Carifesta Avenue, 16 male and 8 female teams remained in the hunt for this year’s titles.
Notably, the boys’ competition will see a new champion with Charlestown Secondary now out of contention.
In the girls’ competition, six goals off the boots of Mechelle Williams in the 2nd, 10th, 12th, 14th, 17th and 28th minutes of the game for Waramuri Primary Top propelled the team to a 13-0 victory over New Campbellville Secondary, sealing a perfect nine points and passage to the quarter-finals. Williams was backed up by Allia Henry, who netted four in the 8th, 23rd, 25th and 38th minutes.
Another entertaining game saw Tucville Secondary in a 5-0 win over Christ Church Secondary. Kaira Boyce led the charge for Tucville, with a brace in the 24th and 30th minutes.
Meanwhile, Marian Academy thumped Mackenzie High 6-0, with hat-tricks from Ashley Walton (28th, 30th, 40th) and Kaleigh Todd (11th, 33rd, 35th).
Over in the boys’ competition, Bartica Secondary had a resounding 10-0 victory over Carmel Secondary. Bartica’s Riley Tracey led the charge, finding the back of the net four times in the 15th, 18th, 19th and 23rd minutes while Meshack Williamson contributed a double in the 18th and 24th.
A hat-trick from Isaac Ross (2nd, 5th, 31st) and two goals from Rayshawn Hemerding in the 16th and 39th minutes spurred Dora Secondary to a 5-0 win against North Ruimveldt Multilateral.
Vergenoegen Secondary and St Stanislaus College both played to 4-0 victories over New Amsterdam and Hope Secondary.
Meanwhile, Darius Chester, Randy Yaw, and Stephon Salvador each found the back of the net once to ensure Chase’s Academy would triumph in a 3-1 affair against Ann’s Grove.
The teams advancing to the ExxonMobil Boys’ Round of 16 are Cummings Lodge, Waramuri Top, Westminster, Bush Lot, Fort Wellington, Patentia, Bartica, Vergenoegen, New Central High, Mackenzie High, Christianburg Wismar, Dolphin, Chase’s Academy, Dora, East Ruimveldt and Marian Academy.
On the distaff side, Waramuri Top, Tucville, Ann’s Grove, President’s College, Bartica, Charlestown, New Central High and Marian Academy will compete in the girls’ quarter-finals.
The ExxonMobil U14 tournament is expected to continue this Saturday, June 3.

Complete results:
Waramuri Primary Top 13 v New Campbellville 0
– Mechelle Williams 2nd, 10th,12th,14th,17th,28th
– Allia Henry 8th, 23rd, 25th, 38th
– Mnemasyne Peters 4th, 16th
– Brenita Marks 34th

Tucville 5 v Christ Church 0
– Ceara Glasgow 1st
– Marissa Sam 6th
– Kaira Boyce 24th, 30th
– Shania Waldron 14th

New Amsterdam 0 v Dora 2
– Akalia George 6th
– Michelle Latchman 27th

Bartica 4 v IAE 0
– Arianna Joseph 6th
– Candacy Robinson 8th
– Mia Peters 17th
– Nikesh Persaud 38th

Mackenzie High 0 v Marian Academy 6
– Ashley Walton 28th, 30th, 40th
– Kaleigh Todd 11th, 33rd, 35th

Charlestown 3 v Cummings Lodge 0
– Kelsey Bernard 7th
– Tyesha Archer 11th
– Makaeda Hart 15th

President’s College 2 v Westminster 0
– Kimora Edwards 3rd, 24th

St Stanislaus College 1 v Vergenoegen 0
– Makaylah Poole 23rd

Ann’s Grove 2 v East Ruimveldt 0
– Elena Pompey 6th
– Keshaiya Tixey 32nd

New Central v West Ruimveldt 0 (New Central won via walkover)

Bartica 10 v Carmel 0
– Durell Washington 11th
– Riley Tracey 15th, 18th, 23rd, 19th
– Meshack Williamson 18th, 24th
– Joshua Joseph 28th
– Jaden Daniels 35th
– Rondell Reid 39th

Charlestown v Charity (Charlestown won via walkover)

Dora 5 v North Ruimveldt 0
– Isaac Ross 2nd, 5th, 31st
– Rayshawn Hemerding 16th, 39th

Waramuri Primary Top 2 v President’s College 1
Goal-scorers (Waramuri)
– Ricardo Lewis 21st
– Shaleel Marks 10th
President’s College
– Ajiande Isaacs 28th

Christ Church v St Cuthbert (Christ Church won via walkover)

Bush Lot 1 v Westminster 0
– Ceon George 28th

Vergenoegen 4 v New Amsterdam 0
– Elvis Grant 6th
– Devon Williams 8th, 23rd, 33rd

New Central High 3 v Mackenzie High 0
– Peter Khan 18th, 20th
– Trevor Gordon 29th

CWSS 1 v Dolphin 1
Goal-scorers (CWSS)
– Gowan Adams 27th
– Own goal 30th

Patentia 2 v Fort Wellington 1
Goal-scorer (Patentia)
– Fedel Abrams 23rd, 38th
Fort Wellington
– Quivion Julius 21st

St Stanislaus College 4 v Hope 0
– Clint Bynoe 1st, 11th, 32nd
– Avon Ritchie 37th

Cummings Lodge 3 v IAE 0
– Cleon London 4th
– Malachi Anderson 26th
– Own goal 13th

East Ruimveldt 1 v Marian Academy 1
Goal-scorers (East Ruimveldt)
– Gary Primo 11th
Marian Academy
– Justin Tenpow 6th

West Ruimveldt 2 v Annandale 1
Goal-scorer (West Ruimveldt)
– Wayne Solomon 23rd, 35th
– Sherwin Mc Almont 26th
Yellow card Annandale
– Devon Williams 18th

Queenstown 0 v New Campbellville 1
– Omario Bernard 14th

Chase 3 v Ann’s Grove 1
Goal-scorers (Chase)
– Darius Chester 7th
– Randy Yaw 14th
– Stephon Salvador 12th
Ann’s Grove
– Jamario Joshiah 20th