Sherod Duncan cannot speak for a majority of Guyanese

Dear Editor,
Sherod Duncan’s hatred for the People’s Progressive Party/Civic is well known.
Recently, he was on his programme talking about the current cost of living which allegedly has skyrocketed. He was also saying that the Government is not doing what it should for the people of Guyana. He ended his feral blast by further alleging that the PPP “installed” regime is corrupt and lacks transparency.
If anyone listens to Mr Duncan, they are bound to think he is knowledgeable and knows the mood of the people. They would also think that his party, the APNU/AFC is beyond reproach and has an unblemished record when they were in office recently.
Editor, I want to make it clear that Mr Duncan cannot speak for a majority of the people of Guyana. Secondly, Mr Duncan cannot speak even confidently on behalf of the supporters of the Opposition party, the PNC and APNU. Thirdly, the views expressed on the programme which is aired on his social media platform are not the views per se of even the AFC’s membership on the ground.
He thinks he is being effective by constantly launching a diatribe against the PPP Government. He is not, because the facts, media and reality are not on his side.
The truth of the matter is Guyanese know that they are experiencing a silent revolution that is sweeping away all of the things that the APNU/AFC did in office for themselves and their cronies. The mood of the people is with the PPP Government because it is showing the people that it cares about the little things that Mr Duncan and the big boys don’t or didn’t. The Government is honouring commitments it made while in Opposition to the people. It is still keeping all the promises while handling the Government and governance issues at the same time.
This Government has earned my respect for its approach to several issues. Just look at how the Government is handling the COVID-19 crisis and the floods at the same time and how it has boosted the levels of confidence of the Private Sector.
The ratings will go up for good governance in my book. One year of full growth and development is not at all bad. I am not saying the cost of living has not gone up but this is not influenced by local policies, rather, COVID-19 and its effect on the world has played a major role in the skyrocketing cost for certain items. The recent unprecedented flooding which brought untold devastation in the farming communities was also a major factor.
This Government is good for Guyana. The sooner Mr Duncan and the Opposition recognise this, the easier it will be to hold talks about other things.

Attiya Baksh