AFHP will bring about immense benefits for us all

Dear Editor,
Just recently, the Dr Irfaan Ali-led PPP/C Government announced that it is looking to revive the 165 Megawatts (MW) Amaila Falls Hydropower Project (AFHP). I strongly believe that this is a good move that will benefit hundreds of thousands of Guyanese and as such, I write to you to express my views regarding same.
Through several media reports, I have taken note of the fact that the Office of the Prime Minister is currently looking for a partner to develop the project and it has published a request for proposals which outlines two options for the project’s development. The project’s construction is intended to commence in 2022 and is expected to be completed by 2025. In this regard, I want to emphasise that once this project is completed in the next four years it will bring an end to the electricity woes which we as Guyanese face ever-so-often. I cannot think of any reason why such a project would be bad for the country especially since the end result will be significantly beneficial to every single household.
However, it is to be recalled that the APNU/AFC, while in Opposition and during their tenure in Government, did everything possible to stymie this necessary initiative. They even liaised with certain media houses to feed false narratives to the Guyanese people regarding the AFHP. I recall clearly that Kaieteur News in particular parroted false claims with sensational headlines and even published outlandish claims of its own, time after time again to support the coalition’s stance on the project; a stance which is focused on hindering progress and development.
No sooner than the announcement of the PPP/C Government’s intention to restart this initiative, Kaieteur News is at it again. In its July 26 editorial under the headline “Return of the dragon – Amaila Falls Project”, the newspaper rehashed its usual negative and speculatory nonsense, much like it has been doing in relation to the oil and gas sector. I urge all the readers to recall the many things along similar lines printed by the Kaieteur News about the construction of the Marriott Hotel, Hope Canal and other infrastructural projects undertaken by the PPP/C Government and juxtapose them against the opposite reality today. All of the initiatives which Kaieteur News has criticised over the years have been successful. On that note, I urge every Guyanese reading to ignore the negativity being published by such media houses as their only focus is to paint the Government in a bad light. The AFHP will bring about immense benefits for us all and it is time we lend support to projects and initiatives that are geared at bettering our lives and developing our country at the same time.

Erin Northe