Ship-and-bridge saga continues

Dear Editor,
The saga of the ship, the bridge and Government continues, and is unfolding with daily twists and turns.
First the ship rammed the bridge, causing what is alleged to be one billion dollars and counting in damages. The ship was detained, and its principals did not think the billion-dollar cost repair tag was appropriate. They countered with almost two hundred and fifty million dollars, and moved to the court, seeking the release of the ship.
This was granted by the court on condition of the lodging of the agreed countered sum offered with the court. But in a sudden twist of events, it was revealed that the ship left without the agreed sum being lodged with the court. Now it gets even more bizarre with the owner of the tanker denying liability for any damages caused, and is in turn suing for two hundred million dollars compensation.
So, it seems a ruse was employed to agree to lodge a certain sum in order to get the ship released. It worked, and Guyana is left holding the proverbial stick. High-stakes international gambit at play. To use a famous line, “this will not end well”.

Shamshun Mohamed