Situation at Bartica Post Office

Dear Editor,
Bartica, one of the latest municipalities in Guyana – the beach at the band stand and other areas, the black water that once you get in you don’t want to get out; the beautiful houses, the supermarkets, the well maintained roads, pavements and the drainage system, the entire community is so clean you can even smell the cleanness. The municipality’s market is also well laid out and clean.
You can say that the Regional Democratic Council and the Town Council are doing a reasonable good job.
I am not from Bartica, just like the thousands of other persons who pass there en route to other areas for mining, logging and the quarrying industry or those who spend holiday or visit other tourist resorts, like Tiperu Falls, White Water and Baganara among others.
The Police station, the RDC building, the Guyana Revenue Office, the National Insurance Building, the hospital, the commercial banks, and the Guyana Gold Board Office are all within walking distance from each other, not forgetting the many hotels.
However, my main focus and concern is the Bartica Post Office. The office is housed and cramped in a building, like so many other business and offices including the Guyana Gold Board. Persons using the services of the post office are made to wait for hours, standing in long lines particularly at the end of the month, when public servants are being paid – our senior citizens would present themselves to receive their old age and National Insurance Pensions also public assistance, that many of them heavily depends on.
I see no reason why the Guyana Post Office Corporation and the Social Services Ministry collectively cannot provide seating accommodation for not only our pensioners but for all other persons that use the very, very important services that the Bartica Post Office provides.
There was a time when Barticians and all other persons utilised the services of other money transfer agencies but unfortunately these services are no longer available, as a result, the services of the post office become more relevant and demanding.
Yes, it is time for a new building to be constructed to house the post office, so it can be adequately staffed and persons can be seated while waiting. It will be unfair of me not to say that the staff at the post office is courteous and capable and very efficient, the problem is space and clerks to deal with the large number of persons using the service.

Archie W Cordis
Former AFC