SNF to spread ‘love’ in 50 schools

The Love Revolution kick-started its momentum of proactive engagement with a celebration at Palm Court on Tuesday last.
Under the auspices of the patron, Sonia Noel, of the Sonia Noel Foundation for Creative Arts (SNFCA), the organisation paid tribute to the Golden Jubilee Anniversary Celebrations of the Republic status of Guyana, with a mission of ‘love’ as the catalyst for youth empowerment, social transformation and sustainable development.
The main objective is to target fifty schools across Guyana.
At the launch, Noel said: “I am passionate about love for humanity and I am intentional about making a positive contribution to my country and the world. We are lacking compassion and need to urgently go back to caring more for each other and the environment.”
Dr Raquel Thomas Caesar spoke about the importance of the rainforest and wildlife. Shawn English and Joann Forde thrilled the audience with their amazing performances.
The renaissance of the overarching concept of love as a means to resolve conflict, to negotiate through uncertainty and to determine the wellbeing of future generations is the genesis of this humanitarian movement.
Through this philanthropic initiative the SNFCA proposes to actively mobilise youth and galvanise creative energy to actively make a difference in the lives of communities, in particular, and the lives of our citizens, at large.
The Love Revolution is clearly about nation-building integrity and national identity strengthening to animate compassion for fellow-man and to inculcate environment-friendly intention. A Love Revolution pin was given to everyone for them to share with others with the message of love.
The background music all evening sent positive messages about how effective love can be in any society when exhibited. Sonia Noel Collection for the 50th Anniversary was displayed and part proceeds will be going to this mission.