…guts (selectively)

Nagamootoo’s very proud of his Tamil origins so it ain’t out of place to point out his name means “a snake’s pearl”!! As such, when folks called him a “snake” after reading his memoir, he was merely translating the ex-Prime Minister’s actual name!! Name and nature?? Now Naga’s taken quite a lot of blows for not being more forthcoming about what went down during the APNU/AFC’s 2015-2020 regime. Especially at the end when Russians were being intercepted by his security minister with pencil erasers to rig our elections for the PPP!!! Or Mingo’s hijinks with the stained bedsheet from the GECOM office at Kingston!!
But it ain’t fair to say the Snake-Pearl didn’t let on – he just did it discreetly since politics in Guyana is quite bare-knuckled – to say the least!! The man did say he wants to enjoy his remaining years checking out historical sites in the States – not so incidentally home of the capitalist running dogs he’d condemned for fifty years!! Some people eye open late!! But of his time with the PNC in government – which he provided the critical X’s to get over the line – he this he revealed:
“The coalition cannot absolve itself from blame for its removal from office. The complex but toxic mix of inter-party bickering, dependence on ethnic support, entrenchment of the impulse to rig elections, misuse of office to foist personality politics and party paramountcy, cannot be underestimated.” Now, ain’t that a mouthful?? All we gotta do is read between the lines and it’ll be clear as a bright, sunshiny day in August!! Let’s start with “The coalition cannot absolve itself from blame for its removal from office”. This clearly blames Granger, the leader of the coalition for shooting it in the foot with unilateral actions like shutting down 4 sugar estates – and destroying Naga’s street cred!!
“The complex but toxic mix of inter-party bickering”: refers to the PNC shutting out his coalition partners – especially the AFC by reneging on all the SIGNED promises in the Cummingsburg Accord. Like giving PM Naga more than just outriders and flashing lights!! “Dependence on ethnic support” reinforces the PNC’s kicking Naga’s Indian base in the nuts and depending on only their traditional base!! The crux of the confession, however, is: “entrenchment of the impulse to rig elections”!! Meaning, of course, that the impulse to rig is so deeply embedded in the PNC’s psyche that they just couldn’t help doing what they did after May 2nd with Mingo!!
“Misuse of office to foist personality politics and party paramountcy” goes back to the tradition of Burnham. Remember his face on Exercise Books scaring the Bejesus out of school kids – and causing education standards to plummet?!!
Of “party paramountcy”, your Eyewitness says no more!!

…Govt information
Ever since the PNC grudgingly demitted office, your Eyewitness has been raising his hands to the skies (metaphorically!!) and pleading for them to use all the tools at their disposal – to keep the government on their toes. It didn’t take even the knowledge the PNCites – all steeped about corruption – to figure out with all the oil money flowing into our coffers, some gonna adhere to sticky fingers!! After all, this is why THEY wanted to rig and remain in charge of the cookie jar!!
So your Eyewitness was pretty chuffed to see the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Economic Services summoning GPL to explain what the heck’s going on with our electricity supply!! After the 2000 PNC protests -expressed in the streets with arson and condign beatings of PPP supporters – four such committees were established with rotating Chairs – ensuring Opposition leading two.
Finally, they’ll be doing their homework to grill GPL and inform the nation why we’re having flickering Christmas lights in April!!

…Iranian pantomime
After Israel bombed the Iranian Syrian Embassy – retribtion was certain and a widened war involving the US was feared. Now we’ve learnt Iran used backdoor communication channels to inform the Yanks – who helped ensure no Iranian missile hit Israel.
War averted!!