Springlands Police Station Management Committee resuscitated

The Springlands Police Station Management Committee was on Wednesday evening resuscitated after a motion was moved by Chand Hardyal and seconded by Seeraj Seepersaud to remove the previous dormant Station Management body.
As such, an election followed during which several persons were elected to serve on the Committee. These include the Chairman, Narendra Loknauth; Vice Chairman, George Baijnauth; Recording Secretary, Seeraj Seepaul; Treasurer, Nicholas Jaundoo; Assistant Secretary/Treasurer, Philbert Wilburgh; Public Relations Officer (PRO), Juniour Blair and Organiser, Fizul Ally.

Senior ranks of the Springlands Police Station along with members of the resuscitated Committee

The committee members include Ryan Jagessar, Muiveshwar, B Mahadeo, C Hardial and Hemwattie Bachan.
This Station Management Committee has committed to work holistically with ranks of Springlands Police Station to create a more people friendly-relationship between the Police and communities at large, to ensure effective and efficient policing within this station district.