Stabroek Bazaar vendors affected by improper drainage problems

Vendors of the Stabroek Market Bazaar have been facing a number of difficulties in recent times, including the problems related to improper drainage facilities, which they have constantly reported within the past few weeks, but to no avail.
When Guyana Times visited the Bazaar on Thursday, a number of vendors related

The stagnant water in which vendors have to walk through daily

that during the days when there were downpours, water would accumulate for a number of days.
One vendor who operates a vegetable stall stated that the water, which was lodged there from last Sunday’s rainfall, was still stagnant today, creating an unpleasant smell.
To get to their stalls, some of vendors have to traverse through the water multiple times every day. A makeshift plank was placed by the vendors as a temporary solution, but this will not solve their problem when it rains in the future.
Furthermore, consumers refuse to walk in the stagnant water. They choose to go elsewhere in the Market where they can conveniently purchase their goods.
“The water don’t have nowhere to go and people don’t want [to] walk through the water even if they want we stuff,” another vendor said.
Many persons related that they have reported this matter numerous times, but there has been no response. They are requesting the authorities look into this matter and more importantly, provide better drainage systems, so that the water could recede from the Market.