Vreed-en-Hoop residents affected by improper garbage disposal

Residents of Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara (Region 3) are calling on the relevant authorities to implement a proper garbage disposal facility, as the community has been subjected to improper garbage disposal for a number of years.
They blame this untenable situation on vendors who dispose of their refuse in an unacceptable manner.
During the day, the area becomes crowded with small businesses and vendors,

A section of the garbage at the ferry stelling

whom the residents believe are the architects of this garbage problem. The situation wherein commuters access speedboat taxis at the ferry stelling to cross the Demerara River is also being blamed for the garbage situation.
Persons residing in the area have expressed concern at the amount of waste being dumped in the area by both visitors and those who use the stelling for their livelihood. They related that at the end of the day, when all have gone to their respective communities, the residents are the ones who remain in the garbage-filled environment and trenches. It is due to this that they experience flooding during the rainy season, as the drainage system becomes clogged, making it difficult for water to escape. As such, people find it difficult to get to work and school when it floods.
“I ain’t know what to say about this garbage problem! (It is) very, very disturbing, because we are the persons living in it. They go away, but we have to see it all the time, not only on the road corner, but in the trench,” said a resident who has requested anonymity.
Another resident of the area has pointed out that vendors are not the only ones littering the environment, those who live in the area are doing likewise. Instead of paying for garbage disposal, they dispose of all the household waste in the trenches. Plastic materials, Styrofoam containers and animal carcasses are dumped in the drains and remain lodged, creating an awful smell.
She stated, “They don’t want to pay for the garbage truck to pick up their garbage, most of them; so they throwing it in the trench, and it blocking up. Most days when the rain fall, my yard does be (flooded).”
Vreed-en-Hoop residents are calling on the authorities in charge to take action against persons who dispose of garbage in an unsightly manner, jeopardizing their health and well-being. Persons residing in the area have demanded that the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) address this matter at the earliest.