Staff at GFC requests truth from Minister Trotman

Dear Editor,
The staff at the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) are now faced with late payment of salaries, no allowances, and even loss of jobs. The staff was informed in an article in Kaieteur News, dated April 13, 2019, that the Commission is now falling short by up to $1 billion annually to effectively carry out its function and is cash strapped from the closure of many forestry logging and sawmill operations.
The GFC staff were informed via the media of plans for the restructuring of the Commission. This restructuring would be in keeping with the Government’s national objective of moving towards a ‘green’ economy and alignment with the green state development strategy.
But is this true or is this restructuring an avenue to downscale staff numbers? It does not make sense to us staff that the restructuring is aimed at increasing jobs and salaries when the plans for restructuring only came immediately after it was declared that the Guyana Forestry Commission is bankrupted. So please Minister Trotman, tell us which one is it really? Who will be fired and who gets to stay?
T Williams