Steven Ramphal releases “Soca In Meh Vein”

Guyanese Chutney singer Steven Ramphal will be releasing his new single titled “Soca In Meh Vein” on Saturday, January 12, in time for the Mashramani season. Ramphal has several Soca hits under his belt and is hoping to have more in the coming months.
Known as a Chutney Monarch contender, Ramphal is eyeing a shot at the Carib Soca Monarch Competition, which is expected to get underway in early February. The song was written by the Guyanese artiste and was produced by Avinash Roopchand out of Shakti Strings Orchestra.
“Soca In Meh Vein”, the artiste explained, will create some vibes throughout and beyond the Mashramani season. Ramphal told Guyana Times Entertainment that although there are quite a few top guns vying for the title of Carib Soca Monarch, he just wanted to have fun on stage. He thinks that his song will make it to the finals.
The song, he added, is based on his love of music as a Guyanese during Mashramani. “I wrote the song based on the vibes I experience during the celebrations on the road, and more so witnessing Guyanese and others from other countries coming together as one… in addition, I keep my patriotism to my country as well,” he added.
The song will be released on several radio stations on Saturday. “Soca in Meh Vein” was sponsored by R&R Entertainment and Harry Bissoon of Guyana Day USA Inc.