Still storing documents the old-fashioned way

Dear Editor,
The backward thinking of public officials never ceases to amaze. In this twenty-first century, MoH is storing documents the old-fashioned way, from cardboard boxes to plastic containers; and from all indications, this was a positive move.
The difficulty, as related, of locating pertinent and relevant documents did not prevail upon the officials that this method of storage was useless, impractical, pointless, and just plain unworkable.
It is unbelievable that Ministries aren’t, from all appearances, fully computerized, with the relevant programmes to aid and assist.
It is high time that Government Ministries, which expend billions of dollars and for which accountability is paramount, move to have records, documents and information digitised for ease of reference and quick retrieval. It is not a luxury, but a necessity in this modern age.

Shamshun Mohamed