Trying to revive the dead

Dear Editor,
A post-mortem is defined as the examination of a body to determine the cause of death. In the context of the last congress of the AFC party, I think there was the mistaken belief that they can revive the dead. The point I am making is: the AFC is a dead party, and the members of that party are fully well aware of the fact.
It meant ‘just that’ when they recently met. So, pretending that this reality does not exist is only prolonging the agony of that group of individuals. And as a sure sign of this terminal illness, there were no major changes to the top posts of the AFC, as they returned the same old guard to their posts.
It was a predictable outcome of the meeting, as well as the decision to stay within the coalition. As someone said, “Whither shall they go” except to stay within the coalition, being an appendage to the main albatross is the safest place to be.
My analysis of that arrangement is: whether inside or outside of the coalition, their position remains the same, “dead on delivery.”
I think it’s about time the AFC register themselves as a political obituary.

Neil Adams