Strikes do not fall from the sky, being on the frontline dictates bottom-line

Dear Editor,Dear Editor,I refer to Mr E.B. John’s response in KN edition of July 11th, 2017 to my letter and wish to state categorically that I have zero interest in attacking any person(s) and maximum interest in addressing issues and debunking nonsense. Editor, Mr John’s response is considered worthless as it did not address a single direct question that was posed to him. From his admission, the “elephant” title arose out of technical & financial reports accessible to him. However, he cleverly conceals some important facts which is typical of a propagandist. Editor, since Mr John opted to masquerade on this issue. I will present some details to my fellow citizens who can formulate their own conclusions:1. The overseas experts being referred to, is the Diesel Power Company which conducted an audit of Skeldon. A pertinent question is, why have Diesel Power Experts to audit a Sugar Factory? Why not use sugar experts? Interestingly, the Prime Minister’s son-in-Law brought a team of sugar experts who reportedly concluded that Skeldon can become profitable in 18 months. Mr John, have you forgotten that report?2. The local experts mentioned must be the three (3) Sugar CoI members who Mr John employed to function in GuySuCo’s Executive structure. If we go by GuySuCo’s recent performances in efficiencies, sugar recovery, project implementation, etc, as measurement of their expertise, then it is safe to conclude that these “local experts” need expert guidance urgently. 3. The responsible person to account for the misdeed of a plant that was not commissioned is no other than the present CEO of GuySuCo. His previous employer was the Project Manager who delivered an un-commissioned plant at Skeldon. He even compounded that misdeed by accepting an un-commissioned plant at that moment of history when he was also the CEO. Mr John, you need to have a conversation with your master Mr Hanoman on this misdeed.In closing, I will restate my questions to Mr John: (1) As GuySuCo’s Human Resource Director, have you visited GuySuCo’s business frontline recently to experience the conditions under which workers function? Have you crossed a canal and visit workers in-field since 2015 to experience what they experience? Have you ever walked the various floors of Skeldon Sugar Factory to have a feel for the factory? Mr John, you must know at this late stage of your working life that the frontline dictates the bottom-line. Strikes do not fall from the sky, they are caused. Unfortunately, GuySuCo focuses on effects of strikes rather than examining the causative factors. No wonder it continues unabated.
Regards, Sookram Persaud