Suspect held for La Grange murder

Police have arrested a man for the murder of James Stuart, who was killed at La Grange, West Bank

James Stuart was found dead at La Grange on Sunday
James Stuart was found dead at La Grange on Sunday

Demerara (WBD) on Sunday.
The 51-year-old labourer’s body was discovered along the roadside near his Lot 101 Unity Street, La Grange, WBD home.
Guyana Times was told that one male suspect is being held and questioned over the July 17 killing.
This publication understands that the suspect was also wanted for other crimes in the area and was also involved in several altercations.
Stuart, also known as “Goobie”, was reportedly drinking at ‘Ann Jones’ shop on Saturday night before he vanished just after midnight.
Brother of the deceased, Lloyd Richards, related that he was surprised by his friends, while on his way to the market, when he was asked if had seen Stuart.
The man’s body was later found after sunrise.
Reports indicated that robbery might have been the motive behind the murder. Relatives had also observed that Stuart was beaten severely, which was confirmed by an autopsy report performed on Wednesday. The autopsy revealed that the man died from haemorrhaging and other injuries to the head. Reports also indicated that his eye was reportedly protruding from his head.
Meanwhile, the suspect who escaped from the La Grange Police Station last week during a power outage has not been re-captured. That suspect, Anthony Jhagroo, had been held for the beating to death of mechanic Yogeswar Shivcharran at Bell West. Police are still searching for him.