Suspect in Corentyne stabbing apprehended

Police on Tuesday morning arrested the suspect for the fatal stabbing of Yansen Brusche of Ulverston Village, Corentyne.
According to a Police statement, Winston Benjamin was apprehended in the Lesbeholden Backlands, Corentyne, Berbice, at 06:30h and is assisting with investigations. Police reportedly found what is suspected to be the murder weapon.
It was about 13:30h on Monday that Williams allegedly stabbed his reputed wife of 19 years to death.
The dead woman, Yansen Tamika Brusche, 38, of Lot 20 Second Street, Ulverston Village, Corentyne, and a mother of four, who operated the canteen at the Alness Primary School, had gone to a shop two houses away from her home when she met her demise. She was reportedly stabbed five times by her reputed husband, who had also gone to the shop to make a purchase.
Brusche’s lifeless body was picked up and taken to the Port Mourant Hospital where she was pronounced dead.
The owner of the shop, Beverly Green, said Williams started stabbing Brusche who tried to escape, but there was not enough space for her to escape from the cane cutter. She said from behind the counter which has bars, she tried desperately to take away the knife but was unsuccessful. “So I run around and try to grab the knife from Winston and so Yansen escape from Winston and she tried to go out the gate but the gate was closed and she just head into the house.”
She explained that she continued to hold onto the suspect who took his shirt off in a bid to escape, but she continued to hold on to him and attempted to take the knife, which he switched it to other hand.
“He start saying “loose me gal, loose me gal,” so I lose him and he run down the street and out to the road and when I turn to go in I see Yansen bleeding in front the door; she collapse… I she give a deep breath and she eye turn up an she was lifeless,” Green related.
According to one eyewitness, the now dead woman left the relationship about three years ago when after a fight with Benjamin, “he did run she with the cutlass,” a neighbour said.
Brusche leaves to mourn her father, siblings and four children; Briana,18; Quizell, 13; Naomi, eight; and Qusen, one.