Suspect nabbed at private hospital seeking treatment for gunshot wound

Police, robbery suspect shootout

Suspect: William De Abreu

Twenty-four-year-old William De Abreu, who was wanted by Police in relation to a series of robberies, was arrested at a private city hospital several hours after he was involved in a shootout with ranks of the Guyana Police Force.
According to Police, De Abreu had received a gunshot wound to his left leg during the crossfire with cops on the East Coast of Demerara and went to the private facility to receive medical attention. Along with the robbery suspect, two persons who accompanied him to the hospital were also arrested. Police said that they were all taken to the Brickdam Police Station and subsequently transferred to Cove and John for further investigation.
On Monday, Police had reported the robbery suspect had opened fire on ranks who were about to arrest him at Bachelor’s Adventure, East Coast Demerara (ECD). As a result, they returned fire and the suspect was injured.
In a statement, Police had revealed that they were acting on information received and intercepted a motor car at Church Road, Bachelor’s Adventure, ECD, when the 24-year-old opened fire on them.
At the time they said they signalled De Abreu to stop, but he attempted to drive away and ended up crashing into the Police vehicle. He subsequently discharged a round in the direction of the ranks, who then returned fire.
De Abreu then reportedly exited the vehicle and discharged another round whilst trying to escape. This caused the ranks to fire several shots in the direction of the suspect.
He then ran into an unoccupied yard where he escaped into the dense vegetation at the back of the yard. The premises were searched and a red haversack with suspected blood stains was discovered in the yard.
The motor car was later lodged for analysis at the Cove and John Police Station. (G9)