Taxi driver shot dead during argument over parking space

Dead: Eon Holder

A taxi driver was shot dead on Saturday during an argument with two other men over parking space in the vicinity of Bourda Market, Georgetown.
Dead is 43-year-old Eon Holder of Lot 2498 North Ruimveldt, Georgetown. The incident reportedly occurred around 05:30h on Alexander Street, Georgetown.
According to information received, about 04:40h on Saturday, Holder was at a taxi service working his motor car, PRR 271, when he was hired by a 50-year-old businessman of Queenstown, Georgetown, to go to the Bourda Market to purchase vegetables.
On arrival at Alexander Street, the businessman exited the car and walked towards the market while Holder looked for a parking space.
About five minutes later, the businessman heard a loud explosion and as he turned around, he saw Holder lying on the ground about 15 feet away from his car, helpless. At the time, two men – one armed with a handgun, were seen running away from the scene.
The Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) Service arrived at the scene and pronounced Holder dead. During examination of his body, a gunshot wound was seen on his face.
Police stated that several persons were questioned and based on information received, it is alleged that the taxi driver argued with the suspects after he parked his car in the centre of the road, blocking vehicles from passing.
During the argument, one of the suspects drew a handgun and discharged a round at the taxi driver. The suspects remain on the run as investigations continue.
Meanwhile, at the home of the now-dead man, his mother Muriel Holder said she last saw her son early Saturday morning when he left to meet up with one of his customers.

The area where Holder was killed (Photo: Royston Drakes)

“He goes with this man [his customer] every morning to pick up fruits… he has been working taxi for some time. He was a former Guyana Defence Force rank and he left and started working taxi. While at the market someone told me that somebody shot my son over some parking,” she explained.
The grieving woman believes that the suspects and her son were known to each other, noting that it was heart-breaking that arguing over parking could lead to someone’s death in Guyana.
“Why did you kill my son? Why? My son doesn’t do anybody anything; he works for an honest dollar and comes home to his girl and his three children. Why? I hope the Police catch you two that did this to my son, and God will give me justice. I know he will,” the woman said, in hope that the suspects would hear her message.
She added that she believed that after shooting her son in the head, the suspect/s might have picked up the spent shells.
“The man had to shoot my son at close range and I think he picked up the spent shell because the Police said that when they searched the scene, they couldn’t find the shell, but God doesn’t sleep. I hope the Police can review the cameras around to know who these two men are, so that we can get justice,” she said. (G9)