Teen beaten, robbed by gunmen

A 16-year-old girl is now a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital after she was attacked, beaten and robbed by two gunmen a short distance from her Garnett and Delph Streets, Georgetown home.
The young woman was reportedly attacked about 18:00h on Thursday night as she was making her way home.
Guyana Times understands that two men rode up on a motorcycle and attempted to relieve the teen of the bag she was wearing around her shoulder.
After the young woman put up some resistance, she was dealt one blow to her

face with a pistol one of the men was carrying. The young woman reportedly then fell to the roadway in an unconscious state.
The duo then dragged the teenager a short distance from the scene before making good their escape. Further, relatives were outraged that the Police went to the scene after an hour, took the young woman who was still in an unconscious state to the hospital and left her there without making contact with them.
It was only until the woman regained consciousness was her family contacted by doctors and told of what had transpired.
The entire robbery was reportedly caught on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage; however, Police are also yet to review same.
The family is fearful, since the perpetrators are roaming the streets freely and as such, they are calling on the relevant authorities to urgently look into the matter.