Teen hacks stepfather to death

By Devina Samaroo

Shrill screams escaped through the concrete walls of a two-storey building as an old man was being murdered, allegedly by his 16-year-old stepson.house

The dead man has been identified as Eustane Williams, 70, commonly known as Patrick, a security guard at the Aracari Resort, West Bank Demerara.

The incident took place at his home in Crane New Housing Scheme, West Coast Demerara just before noon on Thursday.

Neighbours who were alerted by the cries for help rushed onto the street in time to see the lad, drenched in blood, fleeing the scene.

He was later found hiding in a nearby latrine in a clump of bushes and was immediately handed over to the police.

Reports indicate that the two shared a strained relationship and were often at loggerheads owing to the teenager’s alleged addiction to illegal drugs.

Some residents say that the teenager was put out of the house since last year by his stepfather as a result of constant arguments that would regularly ensue between them.

According to reports, the teenager is a high school dropout and would often spend his time loitering around the community.

Guyana Times understands that the young man, in an act of rage, grabbed a cutlass and dealt his stepfather several chops about his body including head, shoulders and back.

The man was discovered lying face down in his kitchen in a pool of blood flowing from his head, where the majority of chops were made.

During the ordeal, the teenager injured his leg.

Despite being wounded, the young man fled the scene but was caught by two residents who gave chase.

When he was handed over to Police, he was taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital for treatment and afterwards taken to the Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station for questioning.

Dexter O’Bryan, one of the men who caught the suspect, explained to Guyana Times what transpired:

“Like he head ain too right. When we find him and when I questioning him and ask he why he kill the man, he turn and seh that he went in the house for he clothes and that the man end up and chop he. But me ain feel that the old man would do that. He had a chop on he leg but I ain feel the old man do that. Some zinc musse cut he in de bush.”

Peter Sugrim, another nearby resident, believed that the murder was premeditated: “I was told that since last night the boy was sharpening this cutlass. Like he planned all the time to do this thing. People say he does use drugs and that he ain’t in he right mind.”

An extended relative of the dead man’s wife told Guyana Times that the teenager would often sell items from the home in order to fund his alleged addiction.

“When Patrick does be at work at nights, you does see a whole set of them gathered at the house. And then you would also hear Patrick complaining that stuff does go missing from the house. I didn’t even know that he (teenager) was back here ’cause I thought he de get put out,” she related.

The dead man’s wife is currently residing overseas. Police are continuing their investigations.