Teen stabbed by knife-wielding bandit

A teenager is battling for his life in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after he was stabbed to his chest by a knife-wielding bandit on a bicycle.
Injured is Omesh Lakeram, who was stabbed after he tried to protect his two female friends, aged 19 and 17, from the bandit.
Reports are that on Thursday evening at about 18:45h in the La Parfait Harmonie village, West Bank Demerara (WBD), Lakeram was in the company of the two sisters, who are his neighbours, when the robbery and stabbing incident occurred.
As the trio exited at a bus stop in their village and started walking through the street, they noticed a pedal cyclist ride past them but thought nothing of it since that route was often traversed by many.
However, after passing Lakeram and the two sisters, who were trailing some distance behind the lad, the man turned around and rode towards their direction. The cyclist snatched a handbag belonging to one of the sisters, but she did not let go. Instead, she held onto the handle as the bandit continued to tug at it. He managed to pull the bag out of her hand, leaving only the handle hanging.
The bandit then pounced on the other sister, who also tried to hold onto her handbag. Lakeram ran to the sisters’ aid.
Guyana Times was told that the bandit then stabbed him to his chest and rode away.
A relative of the girls told this publication on Saturday that the sisters were not aware that Lakeram had been injured since they only noticed him falling to the ground but did not hear him complain of being stabbed.
“They asked him if he was okay and he told them he was, that they should walk quickly and get home fast, while they were helping him to his feet. The girls had him braced on each of their shoulders to walk and then he told them suddenly he cannot walk and cannot see anymore and he fell again. That is when they realised he was stabbed, they raised his jersey and see the blood pouring out,” the woman stated.
According to the woman, Lakeram’s father was also at that time walking through the street to get home from work, and noticed his son falling to the ground with the girls struggling to help him.
The woman added that the man rushed to his son’s aid and with the assistance of the driver of a car that was passing that location, they managed to take the boy to the West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH).
However, due to the severity of the wound, Lakeram was immediately transferred to the GPHC.
“They did a surgery on Friday and then the medical staff and doctor them told us he got a puncture to his lung and his heart. This child is on life and death, a 50-50 case, at the ICU. This is unfair, justice needs to be served,” the girls’ relative said.
A report was made at the La Grange Police Station, WBD, shortly after the ordeal. Although Police retrieved the handle of one of the girls’ handbags along with a knife casing, no arrest has been made.
Guyana Times was also told that the girls are still traumatised.