Teen stabbed to death during drunken brawl

…he was an “upstart” – killer to deceased’s mother

An 18-year-old was stabbed to death on Saturday night after a fight broke out at a shop where he was drinking with his relatives and friends.

Dead: Roy Boston

Dead is Roy Boston called “Ugly Man”, a labourer of Lot 5 Swan Village, Soesdyke-Linden Highway.
The incident occurred sometime around 22:15h at a shop in Swan Village.
Police on Sunday said that Boston was at the shop imbibing with his friends and family when several other persons also went to the shop to consume alcohol and an argument ensued.
It is alleged that Boston pulled out a knife and dealt one of the males a stab to his left-side waist and back.
The teenager then began to verbally abuse everyone at the shop and thereafter, he and the suspect had a scuffle.
According to Police reports, the suspect dealt the 18-year-old one stab to his left-side chest and cut him on his right thumb finger, which caused him to fall to the ground.
The suspect then made good his escape.
Boston was escorted to the Diamond Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 02:30h on Sunday. His body is presently at the Memorial Gardens awaiting a post-mortem examination.
Police said checks were made for the suspect but he has not been found.
Guyana Times understands that the suspect is a relative of the dead teenager. He is a cousin of the teenager’s mother. However, the suspect is currently in a relationship with a young woman, with whom the dead teenager shared a one-year-old child.
The young lady got pregnant at the age of 14 and so the Welfare Department had warned Boston to stay away from her.

But Boston’s mother, Alicia Callistro, related to this newspaper that her son was upset over the situation and so she had advised him to leave the young woman.
On the night in question, Callistro said her son was intoxicated when he left home to go to the shop and so she sent her daughter with him. Sometime after, the woman recalled hearing a commotion at the shop.
“When I hear the noise, I tell my next son, ‘Dellon, hear noise pon the road. Go and see what happen.’ And Dellon left and go. When he come back he said ‘Mods, some man stab up meh brother and me can’t help meh brother because this man get knife’,” the grieving woman related.
Upon hearing his, Callistro rushed to the scene, where she confronted the alleged killer.
“I get a message that Marlon stab meh son to death… When I going [to the scene] I see Marlon and I say ‘Marlon, yuh jook meh son fuh true? That’s the message I get.’ He said, ‘Yes, I jook yuh son’,” the mother related.
Callistro went on to say that she questioned the suspect as to why he injured her son to which he responded saying that the teenager is an “upstart.”
Nevertheless, the woman then proceeded to the scene.
“I meet meh son on the ground with a bore in he stomach and he right thumb cut off… No more life in meh son,” the distraught woman said.
Callistro is calling for justice for Boston. She believes that her son’s murder has some connection with the strained relationship he has with the mother of his child.
Boston leaves to mourn his family, friends and one-year-old child.
Investigations are in progress as Police continue to hunt for the suspect. (G8)