The 10 confusions

Dear Editor,
An astronomical amount of analysis has been performed over the fiasco of the March 2 Guyana elections so it would be superfluous for me to give further discourse, however, some deductions are worthwhile highlighting.
• The emerging recount numbers of the Region Four ballot boxes are very instructive for accounts and book-keepers: falsified calculations will inevitably backfire!
• The ubiquitous target is the Chief Elections Officer for Region Four, a person with sketchy concept of computer programs to construct a spreadsheet a week after being picked up by an ambulance and rushed to the hospital.
• The uncovered fake numbers, therefore, did not start, nor end with Clairmont Mingo: There was expert help in the concoction of the numbers as they had to incorporate the total number of votes cast per box as well as the overall figure to give the coalition ‘victory’.
• The coalition which has declared itself winner of the elections now claims the elections were tampered with.
• Why, after fourscore and ten days after elections the PNC is claiming names of deceased and migrated persons on the List of Electors? Should this not have been corrected during ‘Claims and Objections’?
• Why did a senior GECOM Secretariat functionary order Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Edgar Thomas to remove GECOM Commissioner, Sase Gunraj from the Ashmins building oblivious that Gunraj has more constitutional power? Thomas correctly ignored the edict and has been demoted.
• Attorney Basil Williams claims that the law does not provide for a recount, but went on to state that this is his personal opinion and not of the coalition. Has this comedian ever won a case representing the Govt?
• The Attorney General has expressed three beliefs: (1) the elections and current declarations are illegal, (2) the recount process is illegal and (3) the elections were not credible.
• Why do top PNC headhunters expound on the sovereignty of Guyana as the rationale for keeping The Carter Center out of the recount, stating ‘we do not need white people to meddle in our affairs’, yet in the same token hire a Washington firm to lobby the Coalition’s positions?
• Why is Justice Claudette Singh writing to the police seeking evidence of electoral fraud regarding absentee (migrated) and deceased voting? Why is she not pursuing the evidence at her doorstep to summon the police to take action against the deliberate fraud committed by Clairmont Mingo? This woman is schizophrenic and radiates double standards.
It is clearly evident that the APNU/PNC is using the most imbecilious issues to declare the elections null and void. Clearly, a case of dodging the raindrops as the recount will reveal that the PPP won. The big question is: will the coalition accept this result. Or would the cabal be calling for fresh elections?

Leyland Chitlall
Former AFC NY