USA, UK, Canada and EU must act now!

Dear Editor,
The law-abiding citizens of Guyana wish to thank the representatives of the USA, UK, Canada and EU and their respective Governments for supporting democracy in our country.
The lawlessness exhibited by GECOM and this caretaker Government will cease when the non-immigrant visas of these persons and their families are cancelled and their bank accounts in these countries are frozen.
We, therefore, humbly request the representatives of the respective High Commissions and Embassies to act now and bring an end to this charade.
This will send the correct message to the GECOM officials, staff and the caretaker Government and all those who are planning to commit and perpetrate fraud on the innocent citizens of our country.
This action by our foreign missions will reinforce the importance of remaining impartial and discharging of responsibilities without fear or favour by persons who are employed at GECOM, the Judiciary, the Guyana Police Force among others.

With regards,
Karen Defreitas