The APNU/AFC’s argument is baseless

Dear Editor,
It began with the irritatingly idiotic argument that 34 constitutes the greater half of 65. That foolishness finally came to an end with the ruling of the final appellate court, the CCJ. Then it was the invalidity of Mr Charrandas’ vote because he had dual citizenship. All of this was the PNC coughing up a defence when they themselves are guilty of multiple members of their parliamentary team who are also dual citizens. So, the duplicity of the PNC-led coalition is endless, which makes their situation hopeless and one that relegates them to a shameless bunch of individuals who are bent on holding on to power illegally.
But before I entertain their latest gripe, I would like us to clear up a few disturbing facts.
1. The CCJ has ruled that the NCM was validly passed which means that the President and his Cabinet must resign, paving the way for an election within 90 days.
2. The GECOM Chairman was an illegal appointee and as a result, must be revoked and a new appointment made from a list submitted by the Opposition.
3. The Government shall remain in office in a caretaker capacity until a new President is sworn in.
Mr Granger has not honoured any of the above constitutional requirements which means that at the present moment, he has an illegal Government. Rightfully, if we are to take a look at the present situation in its truest perspective, we should not be accepting any negotiations from Granger because he is an illegal occupant or squatter in Government. However, we shall break that illegal barrier to entertain a discussion with him. So, here we go again, as we discuss their latest rant.
The latest imbroglio is a house-to-house registration exercise, which according to them, should clear up the “grave discrepancies” in the voters’ list. The first item on their agenda is the sanitation of the list which necessitates the removal of dead persons. This in itself is a ludicrous argument because dead men cannot vote because they are dead. They might be on the voters’ list but due to the fact that they are dead, they cannot vote. No one can vote for them either because multiple voting or proxy voting has been long outlawed as a voting method. Guyana no longer uses that type of voting.
And here again, the PNC is exposing themselves to the public. Multiple voting, or proxy voting, is a longtime grandstand rigging practice of the PNC. That huge rigging pool has dried up with the abolishing of the proxy voting system.
4. Their last argument is that the youths would be disenfranchised because thousands of youths are not on the voters’ list. This is another baseless argument of theirs because Guyana has Continuous Registration, which means that those eligible to vote would have been upgraded to voter status in the automatic voter cycle we already have in place. So, whichever angle you look at it, Mr Granger has no case.
The house-to-house exercise has two motives in its hidden agenda and if given the opportunity would enable the Granger Administration to carry out the most brazen rigging exercise in Guyana’s history. Their ploy in the house-to-house exercise is to go into homes and coerce persons into voting for the PNC which would be falsely entered into a database at GECOM. This is the PNC’s rigging strategy, pure and simple. But the holding of elections within the 90-day timeline precludes them from doing this, hence the confusion in their camp.
This brings me to the question, whenever Patterson is replaced, the new Chairman needs to take a serious look into the replacement of the IT Specialist at GECOM, because that department holds a lot of the PNC’s rigging secrets.

Neil Adams