Appoint an interim GECOM Chairman, call election in 3 months

Dear Editor,
Guyana is at a crossroad and is accelerating into a democratic or a dictatorship society. We never would have imagined in our lives that a Government in power would openly and daringly use power at its disposal to destroy a country’s democracy in such a short span of time.
The APNU/AFC Government’s refusal to work with the Opposition to agree on proposals to allow Guyana to become a matured country indicates that they would disrespectfully disregard any orders that would be handed down by the Caribbean Court of Justice.
David Granger and his Government were laying a platform since the unilateral appointment of GECOM Chairman James Patterson to delay the or even rig the scheduled General and Regional Elections.
On the successful passing of the NCM, the entire “Baby Party “ was derailed, leaving Granger with no other alternative but to keep delaying the elections in order to buy time to continue his wickedness. The loud noise for house-to-house registration is definitely a cry in the wilderness since this exercise is not mandatory by law and the Government is entrenched in a constitutional crisis.
I would recommend that the Caribbean Court of Justice in its consequential orders install an interim GECOM Chairman and order elections within ninety days. After the elections then allow the restart of the process for the appointment of the new GECOM Chairman.
We must recognise the works of the Opposition Leader and General Secretary, Bharrat Jagdeo, with his stewardship, maturity, intelligence, leadership, integrity, commitment etc, the PPP/C has regained its position as the only political party that can manage Guyana in future development.

Zamal Hussain