The audacity of Mayor Patricia Greene

Dear Editor,
The audacity of the Mayor of Georgetown — who is once again saying that the municipality is in crisis and needs all the help it can get — is nauseating and aggravating!
This is in respect to the garbage disposal contractors again suspending the services they provide City Hall as a result of the M&CC’s inability to pay them more than 0M owed.
Her brilliant solution is to have the Treasurer’s Department intensify its revenue collection drive, to recover money owed to the city.
How about if she just simply pursues the option of having that department instead practise a programme of fiscal restraint and cutbacks as an alternative? They just simply cannot continue spending as lavishly as they do currently.
First, why don’t they stop going on all of these expensive overseas trips that bear no benefits to the citizens of Georgetown?
Some of the “Fantastic Four” are about to embark on another luxury trip to North America whilst they owe the contractors, and the action taken by the contractors could lead to a health crisis.
Why don’t they stop renting portable toilets and pay the contractors instead?
Why don’t they send home half of the staff, who comprise friends and relatives who are paid super salaries and who have nothing to do anyway, as there are no tools to work with, and most of the services are contracted out?
Why doesn’t the Mayor and Town Clerk, as a gesture of recognition of the crisis she claims they face, get rid of all of the chauffeurs, bodyguards, security at their residences, and large secretarial and administrative staff that serve them? Why don’t they get rid of the fancy multi-million-dollar sports utility vehicles that they ride around in all day, burning hundreds of gallons of gas?
In fact, why don’t they stop contracting out all of their services — which they cannot afford anyway — and provide services such as garbage collection, road and bridge building, security services, advertising etc themselves, as they used to do in the past when the city was properly run?
There is a critical need for the President to set up a Commission of Inquiry into the corruption at City Hall.
And finally, why doesn’t the Mayor dissolve, or at least reduce, the Public Relations Department, which does absolutely nothing to enhance the city’s image, but whose employees could be seen sleeping and at other times taking selfies all day long?
But then again, Editor, a simple visit at City Hall would tell who really are employed there and who they are connected to!!

Best regards,
Deodarie Putulall