The Marriott lawlessness

Dear Editor,
Amidst the multitude of negatives attributed to this People’s National Congress-led coalition, one glaring and most disturbing fact is its penchant for loud, lewd and degrading parties. I am talking about an identifiable mark of this party, especially when they have nothing tangible to offer the people, so bamboozle them by offering a sideshow to dance away their troubles, wine away your fears.
This is the naked truth about this party in Government that is, creating distractions for a population that is wallowing in deep poverty. But lest I digress, I shall proceed with the discussion at hand.
I draw your attention to the latest debacle of the noise nuisance and the wild and licentious orgies right next to a five-star hotel the Marriott.
The licentious behaviour is not so much a degrading factor as it is not done on the hotel’s immediate property, however, the non-stop deafening music is, something that goes on and on until the wee hours of the morning, this is need of urgent concern.
The Marriott is an international hotel; one that is usually patronised by persons of decent, high moral calibre, and to subject them to such lawlessness is appalling to say the least. When these persons return to their homeland, I shudder to think of the stories they would relate to their friends and love ones.
They would tell of the relentless assault that was forced upon their ears at the hands of some urban hooligans right below their hotel window, treatment that went way below civilised standards. Our country would have chalked up another rave review in backwardness.
Now, this noise nuisance would not have seen any curtailment far less a ban by the authorities, save for the fact that the management of the facility issued a lawsuit against the Government. That was the final straw that prompted immediate action from Government. It has nothing to do with the Government showing care and concern for its citizens or any such thing, it is a lawsuit and only that caused them to sober up to the fact that persons are entitled to peace and quiet and restful sleep at nights.
One can recall that a similar threat was made by private citizens on the East Coast where this uncultured lawlessness began.
On that occasion the illiteracy was removed to the portion of the seawall between Camp Road and the roundabout. As this crazy street party gained popularity, it finally found a resting place in civilised space, the Marriott beachfront.
The point I am making is if this bacchanal Government wants the lawlessness to continue then have them go into the National Park which is designed for such foolishness but not areas in and around decency and proper morals.

Neil Adams