The PNC has always been a party of fear and forced loyalty

Dear Editor,
Crossing over to the PPP/C Party was sure to be a move of courage and determination. It has always been a move that would take grit and determination; I call it taking the giant leap for the Black Man. It marks a breakthrough of great significance and advancement for The Race. It speaks to the fact of him thinking independently, or as we commonly say, freedom to think and act for himself.
This, of course, does not go down well with the PNC Party, which strongly believes in forced loyalty and a suppression of thought. The dogma of that party is: as an Afro-Guyanese, you are duty-bound to blindly accept whatever comes from Congress Place. You are required to accept the dictates of the party, even when its leaders are grossly in the wrong. That’s the philosophy of the party!
Burnham perfected the art of forced loyalty, and all of his leaders thereafter carried out the same mandate, telling their supporters to follow after them without question. Recently, one of their leaders, when she was in Government, forcefully blurted out, “Comrades you must follow your leaders, do not question them.”
With that forced loyalty concept came the rampant lawlessness that permeated PNC dominance, where persons had to provide “certain favours” for the leaders in order for you to get employment. Even when you got the job, you had to lead a life of disgraceful servitude ad infinitum just to hear the words that you are a faithful party person. You talk to many in the Black Community and there is that one common thread that is woven amidst the multitude of complaints, “We supported them through forced loyalty to race and party.” The PNC leaders brag about these atrocities.
So, the latest trend of the mass movement of Afro-Guyanese parting ways from the PNC, those individuals were bound to face harassment and intimidation from that party. The open hostility that we hear from day to day is a vivid manifestation of the brute bullying nature of that party. They are prepared to use every illegal means possible to denigrate and coerce The Black Man. A vicious campaign is now on to break the spirit of Afro-Guyanese not to join the PPP/C.
But times have changed, no longer would that stranglehold on people make headway. That system of force will not work because the more coercive and vindictive they can be, the more persons are going to move over to the PPP/C. The PNC has never learnt its history lesson right; that is, it is difficult to imprison the emancipated mind. The Afro-Guyanese person is wiser now, and with that comes movement towards the freedom train.
Down with loyalty to party and race, as we march on towards that One Guyana!

Neil Adams