Where’s the…

…PNC’s Development Plan?

Back in 2017, Sanctimonious Gangster David Granger vindictively shut down four of the seven sugar estates in a blatant and contemptuous attempt to destroy what he felt was a PPP core constituency. 7000 workers were thrown on the breadlines between those directly employed by GuySuCo and the private cane farmers. But Granger chose to ignore that fully one-third of the sugar workers from Wales (and also a major block of cane farmers) was from his African -Guyanese core constituency! Collateral damage? Working-class African-Guyanese should’ve paid attention!
But, as promised, the PPP Irfan Ali Administration moved to reopen the shuttered estates (except Wales) the moment the Sanctimonious Gangster was voted out kicking and screaming!! Wales was chosen to be the centre of a gas-to-shore power generation and industrial complex!! Representing the move into our industrialised future!! Poetic justice?? Not really. Just the PPP’s historic concern for the poor and the powerless. Apart from rebuilding the Ogle Senior Staff Compound as a luxurious party HQ for “the boys and girls”, the PNC had allowed the four estates to literally revert to “the bush”!
And that summarises the PNC take on “development” for Guyana. Starting with their founder leader Burnham, they’ve always been full of ideas. But sadly, they were also full of that other stuff!! His first mistake was to dump a fella who didn’t just have IDEAS about development – but had actually taken a small business from his father and developed it into a successful regional conglomerate – Peter D’Aguiar!!
But that’s also the PNC way, specifically with business – ignore people who tell you that production takes hard work and dedication – not just spouting fancy rhetoric!! As soon as he got rid of D’Aguiar, Burnham came up with the grandiose plan to “Feed, House and Clothe” the nation. That’s all well and good. But there was the small matter of how he was gonna do it!! He chose “cooperativism” as his vehicle. Now, there’s nothing wrong about cooperatives per se. Carghill – one of the largest grain producers in the world – is a cooperative. But it’s run like a BUSINESS!!
The PNC’s organisation of co-ops was supporters – at best could deliver subsistence living for their lower-class supporters!! Did Burnham actually WANT to keep them barefoot and hungry, as some claim?? Your Eyewitness doesn’t think so…but he just never had the experience, and refused to listen to those who did!! He ruined the well-run and profitable corporations he nationalised by appointing political loyalists to tell execs what to do!!
And Norton is following in his footsteps as diligently as did Granger, without even coming up with a plan!! Was it because Hoyte read themright and threw them out of the party??

…PNC leadership?
Gandhi, who knew a thing or two about political mobilisation, once said, “No one can ride on the back of a man, unless it is bent”. This thought popped into your Eyewitness’s head as he reflected on the PNC having this hold-me, loose-me attitude on the LGE. What exactly do they think of the intelligence of their supporters?
But, more pertinently, why are PNC supporters putting up with this abysmal leadership riding on their backs? Were they comfortable with Granger becoming leader via a rigged party Congress “election”? Were they comfortable being made the laughing stock of Caricom for insisting “33 isn’t greater than 32”? Were they comfortable with the PNC not showing their SOPs, yet insisting they’ve won the elections? Didn’t it bother them that the PNC Ministers took a 50% pay raise as soon as they slid into office – to keep them away from “temptation” – yet accepted millions of dollars of bling?
Are they comfortable with the present dithering?? Why keep bending their backs?

Why is it the PNC insists that, just because GECOM Chair Claudette Singh doesn’t vote with their commissioners, she’s taking the PPP’s “side”?? Have they ever thought the PPP might be doing what she thinks is the right thing??