The PNC/PNC/R/APNU is representative of themselves, and not of the Black Race

Dear Editor,
The PNC, I would rather stick to that reference and not the tongue-twisting, hideous aliases which it is not, and I shall repeat, is not a representative of the Black Race in Guyana. If ever they are to be referred to, it would be appropriate to say that they are a representative of themselves only. The Black Race, of which I am a part, represents as well as speaks for itself.
Having established that premise, I shall go on to say that all Blacks who are non-supportive of the PNC must be afforded their God-given opportunity to exercise that choice without fear. We will not be corralled into the PNC’s web of servitude, as I emphatically reiterate the point.
So when, as a regular contributor to Facebook, I make a positive comment about the PPP/C, I should not have to be subjected to the most derogatory and dehumanising terms you can ever imagine. This is the asininity we witness on a daily basis. By the way, in their book, that foolishness is not considered racism at all, but, as they put it, their way of telling a Black Man whom to love and whom to hate.
Once you do not subscribe to the PNC’s line of reasoning, then it is quite natural for you to be called a house slave or an Oreo cookie, and all the other long list of horrible labels. When you are of that mindset, you go to the lengths of even denigrating the religious beliefs and practices of the other racial grouping in Guyana, calling them killers of goats and sheep. But lest they assume a so-called “better” religion or a holier-than-thou attitude, they need to do some hermeneutics of the Christian religion, which shows a religion that was inundated with animal sacrifices. So, the followers of that party need to stop their depraved ramblings.

Neil Adams