There is need for tighter security at CJIA

Dear Editor,
The recent theft from a private jet at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri, highlights the fact that there needs to be tighter security at this institution. International airports are high-security areas and as such must receive top security at all times.
At the present moment, this is not the case. The Cheddi Jagan Airport is not properly secured, with the people of the nearby squatting area having free access to the airport. This lawlessness has to stop and the time for the Government to do something about it is now.
In this regard, those squatters located in close proximity to the airport must be removed immediately. It is a key feature of the security of the area that must be handled swiftly if some decency and order is to be maintained. I know the Opposition would readily jump on this issue with their usual racist remarks, but that foolishness should not stand in the way of the Government getting the airport in top security mode. They have to do what it takes and not be deterred by those who are bent on impeding the progress of our nation.
And I speak with the firm conviction that those persons living within close proximity to the airport are up to no good. One would recall some years ago when a duffle bag filled with cocaine was thrown over the airport fence. That bag was thrown there by one of the elements of that community of squatters. There is no question in my mind about that. I don’t think anything came out of that matter. With such a major breach in security, heaven knows what else could have been taking place there.
In short, squatters and other dwellers in that area ought to be removed and the manning of security cameras be done effectively, so as to ensure that maximum security is maintained at all times

Neil Adams