Vote in US Elections

Dear Editor,
Today, Tuesday, November 8, is Election Day in America. Guyanese American and other Caribbean American and Indian American people cannot afford to be left out of the election voting process that occurs today. Their vote determines the outcome.
Guyanese Americans are a very small group in terms of the overall percentage of voters but constitute an important chunk of voters that are enough to tilt the balance in close races, providing they come out to vote. They must vote and make a wise choice on the party or candidate best positioned to further their interests not only in New York State, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Georgia but in other states as well.
The Guyanese, Caribbean, and Indian Americans are urged to come out and vote for the party or candidate that would best serve their interests.
People are hurting financially, and thus the economy voters would influence how they vote.
Today is Election Day in America where hundreds of thousands of Guyanese are settled and their voter turnout in 2020 is the highest so far in the history of their presence in America going back to the late 1960s. The outcome hinges on turnout in the swing states, where several thousand Guyanese are present.
Guyanese are in the thick of the electoral contest in America, not as candidates or campaigners but as voters and poll workers and their votes matter in the swing states. There is a lot of enthusiasm among Guyanese voters, and many actually voted early all over the country while others tell this writer they will vote today. Few Guyanese volunteer for or donate to the election campaign as this writer did for decades.
Several Guyanese have been working at poll stations over the last two weeks for early voting and several will be on duty on November 8 at schools and senior centres. Schools are closed to facilitate the election process, but it is not a national holiday.
Go out and vote for the party that will govern you!

Yours truly,
Vishnu Bisram