Thieves burglarise home of Christopher Ram Jr

Bandits in the wee hours of Wednesday morning burglarised the home of Christopher Ram Jr and carted off almost .2 million in household items and cash.

The men reportedly entered the Lot 18 Delhi Street, Prashad Nagar, Georgetown home by prising open a door in the upper flat of the house.

Based on information received, the 34-year-old man retired to bed at about 23:00h and when he woke at 04:00h, he found his house burglarised with several portable equipment gone.

These include a television set, a music set belonging to his father, a wrist watch, electrical and computer appliances, clothing and local and foreign currency. In addition, the bandits took away his bank cards.

Upon investigating, Ram Jr found that one was his dogs was injured by the men. After realising he was robbed, he attempted to contact the Police by dialling 911

The door that was prised open to gain entry into the house
The door that was prised open to gain entry into the house

but was cut off on several occasions.

On the last attempt, someone answered and recommended that he make a report at the closest Police Station since the burglars had left the scene.

However, Ram Jr stated that the area in which he resides has been a target of burglars and bandits, and there are few houses which have been unscathed; and as such, argued that the Police ought to be aware of the vulnerability of the area.

“The President has said that he would like to see fewer weapons in the hands of private citizens and that these should be left to the law enforcement agencies. As good as this may sound, in practice, it means that citizens are left at the mercy of the bandits and an ineffective public security system,” the man stated in a release to the media.

The victim added that he is a US citizen and would have returned to Guyana to pursue a career and to live in a country he loves to call home.

“I am the Manager and CEO of a Human Resources Company Accedo and part of our efforts is to persuade members of the Diaspora to return and work in Guyana,” he added.

Meanwhile, with his recent experiences with the lack of effort the Police Force to treat certain matters with a high degree of sensitivity, he explained that his experience has now forced him to reconsider his decision about Guyana. Only recently, the Guyana Police Force has disclosed that serious crimes are down by 19 per cent and more so, the President has stated that his Government is exploring the possibility to have guns removed from the hands of civilians.

This statement by the President came in light of recent reports that legal firearm licence holders are renting their weapons to criminal elements.