Gunmen invade Rohee’s home

– escape with cash, jewellery

Three gunmen on Wednesday morning executed a daring robbery on the home of former Home Affairs Minister, People’s Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary Clement Rohee at his Eccles, East Bank Demerara residence.

The robbery occurred just about 12:00h after the gunmen gained entry via an open door on the lower flat of the house and tied up the two maids.

Former Home Affairs Minister and General Secretary of the People's Progressive Party Clement Rohee
Former Home Affairs Minister and General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party Clement Rohee
Gun men raided the Lot 6-7 ‘AA’ Ixora Avenue, Eccles, East Bank Demerara, house of former Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee

Reports are that the men ransacked the house and carted off an undisclosed sum of cash and a quantity of jewellery. After the ordeal, the bandits escaped in a waiting car. The women subsequently managed to untie themselves and raised an alarm. When Guyana Times arrived at the scene, detectives were busy conducting their investigations and dusting strategic locations for fingerprints.

After some time, Rohee told media operatives that he was not at home when the men executed the robbery.

He related that the two maids were in the home and might have left the back door ajar and it was through there the men gained entry. The men were carrying guns and a knife.

After confronting the two women, the bandits held them at gunpoint and ordered them into the upper flat of the building, where they were gagged and bound with duct tape.

The men, Rohee stated, ransacked the home and found a quantity of jewellery belonging to himself and his wife.

Meanwhile, Guyana Times understands that the car that was used in the robbery was found by the Police. They are presently looking for the woman from whom the car was rented by the bandits.

Reports have also surfaced that several firearms owned by the former Minister might have been taken by the bandits, but the politician refuted the claims. He explained that while the men ransacked the house, they were not successful in locating his firearms.

“I don’t know of any weapons taken from the home; in fact, I have my firearms here and when I check, it looks as if they either didn’t see it or didn’t touch it,” the former Minister stated. In addition, Rohee is of the view that the robbery was not a random one.

“It had to be something that made them come to this specific house of all the other houses in the neighbourhood,” he opined.

He added that the crime situation in the country has become intolerable.

“I was made to understand that this kind of incident is very prevalent in this Eccles area, not because this affected me, but quite a significant amount of people have come to recognise that the crime situation has become intolerable.”

The Police are reviewing the surveillance footage from the house.

Hours prior to this robbery, the home belonging to the son of well-known chartered accountant and attorney, Christopher Ram was burglarised. Almost $1.2 million in items was taken. The Police are yet to arrest anyone in connection with both incidents. (Kizzy Coleman)