This is preposterous

Dear Editor,
He couldn’t care less that the media would be there to capture the moment where an incumbent President would turn up at the place of poll as an observer. Granger turns up at the polling station boldly decked in his party colour to do what? “Observe” the voting process.
To observe what may I ask?! This is not the time nor place for that and may I add this is not his first election. He has seen so many before this one, so why must the President of this country go to a polling place, what is he doing there? If this is not putting a seal on his dictatorship, something we commonly see in those backward, undemocratic countries, then tell me what is?
With his actions, Guyana under Granger has finally taken a turn for the worse and I hasten to say we need no more to see as to the intents of this man. He was not there as he claims as a “common observer” far from it, Granger was there to try and intimidate the Joint Services men and women to vote for him. Mr Benn rightly informed him that he was out there to campaign.
This latest move by Granger was an open display of his autocratic, lowdown bullyism nature and if this behaviour is not curbed in time, then it would morph into an IDI Amin type dictatorship – there is nothing stopping him from achieving that end. I am saying if nothing is done to stop this man, the backwardness that enveloped Uganda would certainly be our portion.
Granger has to know his place, and doing so can only come through international pressure and of course through the ballot box.
I hope the international community is taking note of this and sends that strongest of condemnatory statements.

Neil Adams