Parents are children’s biggest role models!

Dear Editor,
As teachers, we get involved in so many issues which include parents and children, unlike any other jobs. Each day, we see a ton of behaviours we would hate to see repeating in the lives of children, including our very own children. Some parents make me wonder if parents see themselves from another’s perspective because I hope when I become one, I do better!
Teachers are not perfect, but trust me, each day, they are trying hard enough to make a difference in your children’s lives from fixing their rude behaviours, ill manners, wrongdoings and disrespectful ways to trying to curb it from reoccurring.
If your children cannot obey teachers, do you think they obey you?
“Yes, mommy”, “Yes, daddy” does not mean your children obey you.
Why? When they disrespect others outside of the home, they have little respect for you too. Why? You disrespect others outside of the home, so why should they?
If your children come home and tell you everything that happens in school, would that mean they tell you the truth about themselves and when they’re wrong too? Very few. Really well-trained kids.
Now, you know what puzzles me? If parents actually know that their children learn from them more than they learn from anyone else in their surroundings and this means when they behave like they’re illiterate (violent) too. Do they know?
I’m not venting. I’m wondering if parents know that their bad behaviours can impact a child’s future.
In fact, when we see big people being jailed, we feel sorry for them sometimes, but do we know that our big people, once children, would’ve probably seen how their elders reacted in anger and now react in the same way?
Is that the aim for the future generations?
Shouldn’t we think for ourselves and stop pointing fingers at others?
Let’s become aware!
Parents are children’s biggest role models!
We are fools if we do not realise the future generation will follow in our footsteps.

Mohanie Persaud