Tiger Rentals dish out Gy$10M for U13 football league

Tiger Rentals Guyana Inc on Wednesday afternoon made a huge investment in the development of youth football, with sponsorship going towards a new Under-13 Boys’ Development League. The collaboration ensures the GFF would be able to add a new nationwide league to their complement of youth programmes.

Tiger Rentals’ Denis Latiff and Shane Singh handing over the sponsorship cheque to GFF President Wayne Forde

Tiger Rentals’ generosity comes to the tune of Gy$10.6M in what can be described as the largest on-off sponsorship for a league.
“I would like to state emphatically that, in all of our 100 years of existence, the GFF has never coordinated, simultaneously, a National U13 Boys’ Development League. This is now being made possible through the warm friendship and generosity of Tiger Rentals Guyana Inc,” GFF President Wayne Forde announced.
In detailing the significance of the League, Forde disclosed that coaches would also stand to benefit from several FIFA courses. He explained, “Every coach participating in the GFF Tiger Rentals Guyana Inc U13 League will be mandated to complete the FIFA child safeguarding course. Every coach participating in the GFF Tiger Rentals Guyana U13 League will be trained as a FIFA Football-for-School master-trainer. We believe the content from that programme, and its strong emphasis on life skills, will be an important tool for our coaches to administer as they work with these young boys.
“Every coach participating in the GFF Tiger Rentals Guyana Inc U13 League will be enrolled into the CONCACAF coaching licence pathway, which will begin with the GFF introductory coaching course, followed by the CONCACAF D Licence programme. These are all important steps that I believe will help us to meet our short-, medium-, and long-term football development and human development goals,” Forde concluded.
Tiger Rentals’ Regional Director, Denis Latiff, verbalised the company’s commitment to Guyana’s development, starting with the sport: “We are very confident in the future of Guyana, and want to do our part in helping this country realise its true potential. We believe investing in the Guyanese people in particular is huge, as here is where we will experience the greatest, the highest, returns. And we would like to thank the Guyana Football Federation for making this possible.”
On the matter of the Federation’s relationship with the company, Latiff expounded, “We began our engagements and discussion with the GFF back in 2020, and I’ve been paying keen attention to how they operate, and what are their core values. I am happy to say that we feel very comfortable working with them. We see the effort being made by President Wayne Forde and his team to grow the game here, and we want to be a part of the vision and the future that he and his team are trying to build.”
With the league being countrywide, Tiger Rentals’ Country Manager Shane Singh spoke of the benefit of the football. Singh opined, “Really good to know that the coaches will be trained under this tournament to also help them; so, it’s not just about the kids, it’s a well-rounded package. So, take the opportunity, as Dennis was telling some of the kids earlier, and wake up early morning and train, football will take you very far in life.
“Take the opportunity, play clean football, and I’m sure it’ll be a very successful tournament.”
The league is scheduled to commence in July, 2022. (Jemima Holmes)