To PNC Govt…

…”it’s only” money
Dual citizen ex-Minister Dominic Gaskin wanted to know what’s “the fuss” about the ministerial delegation jetting off to TT to personally observe the hearings of the NCN appeal. They could’ve seen it streamed over the Internet, like the rest of Guyana. And in that question we get an insight into how the players in this PNC-coalition, from Granger to his gardener, think about spending our hard-earned tax dollars.
Another dual citizen ex-Minister had claimed that the Ministers went to TT ‘cause, otherwise, the CCJ Judges would’ve felt the Government’s lawyers “were on their own” if there wasn’t a cheerleader squad in the court!!  Yes, this was actually SAID!!
Well, if this were so — and CCJ judges are swayed by the audience as much as by the lawyers’ arguments — then maybe the entire Cabinet should’ve traipsed over; especially since Allicock, Norton, Henry, Sarrabo-Halley and Rajkumar weren’t faces that would’ve been recognisable to the CCJ bench. For all the judges knew, these were just the usual riff-raff from the streets who showed up at CCJ hearings to get out of the sun!!
At least the PNC didn’t try to defend the boondoggle by claiming the entourage was there to advise the Government’s lawyers!! Even though, come to think about it, from the performance of those high-priced lawyers, even Granger’s gardener might’ve offered welcome advice!!
And that brings up another instance of the PNC’s posture as the last of the big-time spenders of our money. While they’ve been coy about releasing the exact sum paid – and there’s very good reason for their coyness – the figure of $70 million hasn’t been denied.
And, of course, against this sum, maybe Gaskin’s dismissal of the ministerial junket is understandable: “What is the total cost in the grand scheme of things?” Indeed, what is that cost? And we have to include Bulkan, whom we’re told jetted in for the second day’s hearing. Maybe because the original five didn’t have the desired effect of inspiring shock and awe on the CCJ judges? Yup!! The regionally famous Minister of Communities had to be rushed in!! First class tickets (of course); rooms at a top hotel (of course); per diem; taxis etc, and we only talking about $5 million! Peanuts compared to lawyers’ fees!
But there’s another reason why Gaskin should scoff at spending $5 million for a quick ministerial getaway. He, after all, had just been offered a job for which he confessed he isn’t qualified; a job that would pay him MORE than his old ministerial job, with all the old perks!! And he hadn’t even asked for the job!!
But seriously, folks, the two newly appointed Ministers – Halley and Rajkumar — had to be inducted into the “it’s only money” lifestyle!!

…UG VC is a sinecure
And the beat goes on with the University Unions vs the VC at UG. The unions now demand VC Griffith be terminated for the odious oodles of money he lavishes on himself while starving the University of even basic items, like toilet paper. They don’t realise that YSM Chair Griffith attended UG in the 1970s and had to use the Chronicle in the toilets. He expects the same be done now!! Of course, since he lived in foreign for donkey years, he needs his Charmin in his AC’d lavs!!
But your Eyewitness is a tad tetched the academic union hasn’t followed on his challenge to them to investigate why Griffith was let go with two years left on his contract at his last stint at Fort Valley State University in Georgia. With a Deep South student body very similar to Guyana’s, Griffith sold them a bill of goods he couldn’t deliver.
Unfortunately for him, he didn’t have friends in high places!!

…the mouth is muzzled
How dare the GECOM Legal Officer (GLO) offer requested legal opinion that’s unfavourable to the PNC’s desire to delay the elections??
It explains why Patterson unilaterally appointed Marcus to represent GECOM at the CCJ!
The GLO holds that the list should be REVISED!!